Bookmakers Sayings, Slang, And Tic-Tac – Part One

Lots of people have asked me about Bookmakers Tic-Tac,slang, and sayings in the betting world, and whilst there is a page on the website on some of the more prominent words still used, I am still regularly asked for some of the ones that are not used as often, or that I left out.

The use of tic tic at most courses has gone, as betting has become more electronic, and mobile phones convey the prices to far distances better, but some do still use this method, and it always intrigues people as they want to know what is being ‘signed’ to the other recipient.

As the usage of for Tic-Tac dies out, some of the words do still stick around, and guttural Essex/Cockney accents hold onto many as general words. For example ‘cockle’ is a price of 10/1, but more recently could also be a ten pound note.

Many words were not used that much by the time I went into the game, such as the words T.H. for 8/1 was not used often at all.

On some days in the office, we would often make up words, and then on very busy days we would shout them to each other as people bet. The word ‘carrot’ for 8/1 would fly about, and this confused even the shrewdest of punter, who would not have a clue what we was on about!

Mind you after a few beers at lunchtime it could get a bit out of hand, and very silly, as ‘twig’ became 4/1, and the rest are un-writable in this family-friendly report!

Here are a few of the common slang words that would be regularly used –

Jolly – Favourite
Beeswax – tax, no longer used, a British bets don’t pay tax at source
Jolly – a favourite
Kite – a cheque
Bock – As in – You’re a bock – you are an unlucky person or 11/1 known as Punters bock- An unlucky price for punters.
Knock – To not pay up what you owe
Monkey – £500
A Bag of Sand/long’un – £1000
A Nap – Is the most fancied horse of the day by any tipster.
N.B.- The Next Best tip after Nap.
Watching brief. – Don’t back the horse, but keep your eye on it and how it performs. Used to monitor performance.
In the Know – Punters who know information to give them an advantage.
A Gamble – This is when a horses price drops consistently during the day, and stands out that there is plenty of money coming on for it. Some people use this as a guide to what will win, but it is sometimes unreliable.
The Price – These are the odds that are being offered on a horse, the price offered is in relation to it’s chance of winning.
Odds on – This will generally be the favourite, and means that you have to put on more than you win, e.g. 1/2 you put on £2 to win only £1 = £3 (add them together for your returns)
Odds Against – This means that you will win more than you pay, this is the opposite to ‘odds on’. e.g. 4/1 you put on £1 to win £4 = £5 (add them together for your returns)

Tomorrow I will detail all the Tic-Tac movements, so you can understand what on earth John McCririck is on about when he is waving his arms about!

Today we have plenty of racing from Germany, as well as one good race from Saint-cloud in France for the girls. This should be watched just for some clues for races later on.

The bigger races are from the Germans, as they hold the Mehl-Mulhens-Rennen from Cologne, which is the German 2,000 Guineas. I will be looking to see how Amarillo performs, as I think he will come on this time with a strong run.

Over in Munich, William Buick partners Black Arrow in the Onextwo.Com – The Bavarian Classic. He takes on a trappy field, where he will be battling the German jockeys on his own!

Plenty on!

The Jag.

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