Bookmakers Sayings, Slang, And Tic-Tac – Part Two.

The tips have another close shave as yesterday we copped three winners, and the fourth Each Way Tip was beaten by a short head in second!

Benandonner, Pilgrims Rest, and Cape Classic, all won with two of the selections paying more in the morning, and Durcal got headed close home, just losing at 7/1!

Durcal just let us down for an 179/1 accumulator at early prices, and a 132/1 accumulator at SP prices!

Still, a good day for betting in singles or a Lucky 15, as the warm weather helps the form be more exact. Lets hope the warm weather continues!

Today I continue with the report on the Bookmakers Tic-Tac, and today I detail what the movements mean, so if you ever wondered what on earth racing pundit John McCririck was doing when he is waving his hands about all over, then here are some clues for you!

Horse Sayings and Slang (Mk II)
Tic-Tac and Bookmakers Slang

If the price is odds-on, then the word ‘on’ is added at the end:- e.g. ‘Tips on’ is 10/11

Some sayings can be used for money too:-
e.g. A ton at nevis – £100 at 7/1 please my good man!

Evens – Levels (or Straight up – Hands out, moving in differing directions )
11/10 – (2.00) – Tips (touch the tips of both hands )
5/4 – (2.25) Wrist (Tap right hand on left wrist )
11/8 – Up the Arm (Start at the left wrist, and move up to the elbow with right hand )
6/4 – Ear ‘Ole (Right hand to left ear, showing palm)
7/4 – Shoulder (Right hand touches left shoulder )
15/8 – Double Tops (Right hand touches left shoulder Twice )
2/1 – Bottle/Duece’s/bice (Right hand touches nose)
9/4 – Top of the head (Hands on head)
5/2 – Face (Hands to face, either side of the nose)
11/4 – Elef a Vier (Both hands to face on both sides of nose, then touch fingertips in front of face )
3/1 – Carpet (hand horizontal to the chin)
100/30Burlington Bertie (Rhymes, from the old east end song, Burlington Bertie from Bow – ‘I’m Burlington Bertie I rise at ten thirty’ Gesture – hand horizontal to the chin, then ‘tips’)
7/2 – Carpet and half (Hands touch chest)
4/1 – Rouf (Four backwards, Right hand out and draw an ‘L’)
9/2 – Shoulders (Both hands to touch same shoulder, not crossing chest)
5/1 – Hand (Right hand, tap right shoulder)
6/1 – Ex-es (Six backwards, Right hand, tap right shoulder, then on head (5 add 1))
7/1 – Neves (Seven backwards, said as ‘nevis’ Right hand, tap right shoulder, then on nose (5 add 2))
8/1 – T.H. (or ‘carrot’ if you want to be silly, (see last report!) Right hand, tap right shoulder, then horizontal hand on chin (5 add 3)
9/1 – Enin (Nine backward, This is the daftest one, Left hand on head, right hand out horizontal to the right)
10/1 – Cockle (Cockle and Hen = Ten. Tap fists together )

Some double digit figures are two single number gestures put together to create the amount
11/1 – Elef (Eleven backwards. Tap fists together, touch top of head (10 add 1))
12/1 – hundred to 8 (Actually 12½/1, but gives the bettor ½% commission when laying off, some call it Net and bice (bice=two) Tap fists together then nose (10 add 2))
14/1 – Net and Rouf (Tap fists together, right arm out and mark an ‘L’ shape (10 add 4) )
16/1 – hundred to 6 (16/1 and two thirds commission, Tap fists together, hand to right shoulder, then right hand to top of the head (10 add 6) )
20/1Double Net (two tens. Tap fists together twice)
25/1 – Pony (Tap fists together twice, then touch right shoulder with right hand)
33/1 – Double Carpet (Two number 3′s – Carpet. Arm across on chest)
50/1 – Bulls (Bulls Eye, Tap one fist on top of other)
100/1 – Ton or Century (Arms out horizontal, move hands over each other)

UK has regional variations, these examples are more Essex/London.

Hope this make it all clear, and I expect you to be expert next time you see some Tic-Tac!

The Jag.

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