Rooney’s New Colours – A Pink Body, With White Sleeves!

A short while ago the Manchester United and England striker Wayne Rooney has added a couple of juvenile horses to his slowly growing string, which both had a run at this years ‘tough-as-nuts’ Chester meeting.

Not too unlike some of the harsh results that has been coming in lately, they both had poor runs on their first start, and this should to set a president that Rooney will have to get used to – Horse racing can be a tough sport, and having losing runs is all just part of it.

This does not mean that I do not want him to win for any football related reason, far from it, I’m glad that there is another high profile sportsman showing interest in the ‘Sport of Kings’. But what it will raise, is the profile of some of our main meetings, and the sport in general.

As we follow his horses you will see that you can sometimes get everything right, but still have a poor run. At Chester, his new colt named Pippy came last, and a Sakhee’s Secret colt named Tomway came seventh out of nine at Chester.

This was not as bad as things may first seem, horses need a first run, and some need considerably more runs until they get the hang of things. Remember, they are animals, with personality, not machines, but today, we have another run from Tomway at Chepstow in the first race, and it will be interesting to see how he performs, at a big price.

This past few months have seen a poor start to the Flat season in general, as many horses that should have performed, have not always come up to scratch.

We have had some hard days at York, Newmarket, Chester, and some real stinkers at Newbury last week, as apart from Frankel, there was some rank outsiders popping in.

We should all keep an eye on some of our fancied horses, as the going gets better over summer, and improves. We have had some awful weather since Christmas, and this has made the going a mud bath at some meetings, with many wonky results coming in.

Mistakes and injury are the things that cannot be foreseen, unless a horse shows a regular pattern of falling – One horse that could come under this bracket would be West End Rocker, but I have always made that clear when I tip him!

When we have had a sunny patch, (and I’m hoping one is on the way!) the form will return, and I hope some of you heeded my warnings to keep the bets low over the rainy and heavy period of the last few months.

Remember, I put a lot of study into my tips, and I can look at the race another four to five times before selecting the horse as a final tip. When I say I work hard, I really do!

But I do enjoy the sport, so it is hard work, but not a chore

I could tell you what the reason is that I look at a race so many times, but I’m not going to! It is my method, and is a closely guarded secret, I wouldn’t even tell Hayley Atwell, even if she asked very nicely! (Perhaps I may, if persuaded!)

But there are still more horses that could blossom late in the season, and Rooney’s other horse, Switcharooney is a solid chap to look out for in one of the Tattersalls Millions race at Newmarket at the end of the season.

When Switcharooney, Tomway or Pippy runs, you will have to familiarise yourself with Rooneys slightly effeminate colours!

A pink body, with white sleeves, along with a pink and white hooped cap.

What happened to red and white?

I think his good-lady-wife-Coleen may have had something to do with it!

Lets hope Tomway has a better run today.

The Jag.

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