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All Roads Lead To Royal Ascot!

We have a quiet day today, as Royal Ascot looms large in the wings, waiting to come bounding onto the worlds stage, all singing and all dancing, annihilating all the other meetings!

So the cards today are not of the highest class, but that does not mean we wont find any winners!

If it was not for Carlise, all the meetings start with a ‘W’, so write your bets clearly if you are betting in the old fashioned way – In the Betting Shop!

Most young people are so used to using their computers, laptops, notebooks and smart phones, that soon, writing a bet out on paper will die out!

They must view all us ‘old’ (by that I mean anyone over 35!) people as ‘fossils’ that used to scratch out their bet on a bit of ancient paper, with a pencil or a pen, and then pay with bits of paper or metal with the Queens head on!

Surely the betting shops days are numbered, now that it’s so easy to bet on a smart phone, or on the computer……

Especially when all the special offers on some of the Royal Ascot races are much easier to obtain, along with getting the higher odds, which are easier to see, and faster to get on-line.

All this, and all of the races are best odds guaranteed with the main on-line bookies.

Over the five days of the meeting, I will offer the next days tips in the evening before, and will send you all an email informing you when the Premium Tips are updated on the Text service, and on the Monthly members on-line, to help you get any value with the prices the night before.

So I will update the Members page and the Text service later on, this evening, and will let you all know when Tuesday’s tips are ready.

If you want all tips tomorrow, they will be on the Text service or on line for most of Tuesday morning and afternoon as well.

Not long now!

Today’s meetings:-
At the evening meeting at Warwick, they hold their Mexican Monday night, and have one race that stands out from the many lower class races – The Warwickshire Oaks Stakes, open to fillies & mares aged three years plus, over a distance of one mile two furlongs.

The Jag

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