Live Epsom Racing Blog!
Live Epsom Racing Blog!
By Dave Ord, Epsom

The Fugue

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  • 1025: The Downs Flies seem even bigger this year. I swear you could put a saddle on the one that just collided with my left knee.

    1015: Still no bacon but plenty of strong opinions on today’s action. John Gosden will have a double with The Fugue and Gatewood while the best bet of the day is Van Ellis in the finale. There, you can’t say you weren’t told.

    1000: Good morning and welcome to Epsom for Investec Ladies Day. Apologies for my tardy start but I had to do a 9.45 on Sky Sports News. That’s how we speak in the’TV game. I didn’t know I was doing it until 0911 at which time I’d just exited the M23. What followed was some of the worst driving ever produced in a VW Golf.

    Having found the press car park I was asked to’re-park my ageing metal warrior by a fussy car park attendant three times. I then had to queue for my wristband and media centre pass and I arrived on set, with three minutes to spare, sweating.

    David Craig kindly rearranged my tie, sat’me next to the slim and suntanned David Stevens and then asked’me about lively outsiders for Euro 2012. Bar England and Republic Of Ireland I couldn’t tell you who’s playing.

    Anyway panic over, I’m now behind the keyboard in the new media centre and the sweat is now restricted to the back.

    The going here is good, good to firm in places with no rain overnight. We’re going to be dry and up to about 20 degrees celcius today. The sweat will return. As ever your emails are craved at [email protected] but first I must eat bacon. No I really must.

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