Newmarket trainers launch defence of training fees

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By Graham Green
Racing Post

Newmarket Gallops Warren Hill

AFFRONTED Newmarket trainers have mounted a strong defence of their fees after owner Andrew Tinkler described the home of British Flat racing as 30 per cent more expensive than anywhere else to have a horse trained.

In a special report to be published in Thursday’s Racing Post, trainers from the town cite the wide variance of training fees, the prestige of Newmarket‘s leading trainers, the cost of hiring top staff and the availability of first-rate facilities in defence of the town’s training establishment.

Mark Tompkins, chairman of the Newmarket Trainers’ Federation, said: “We have got the best trainers in England, and a wide cross-section. Owners can decide whether they want their horses in a large or small yard – it is all down to the individual.

“There is huge competition for the best lads, which puts the wages up, but trainers take that into account when deciding what to charge their owners.

Newmarket is a fantastic place to train racehorses. The gallops have never been in better shape, queuing is a thing of the past, and we have got two massive veterinary practices with their own hospitals and within ten minutes you can have an injured horse in the operating theatre which you won’t get in any of the other centres.”

Newmarket fights back: read the full two-page special report on the accusation which raised the hackles of HQ’s trainers – only in Thursday’s Racing Post

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