The Toffee Crisp Maiden Auction Stakes At Newcastle!

After such a long Bank Holiday Weekend last week, the Weekend comes around so quickly, and guess what some of the racecourses are celebrating today?

The Diamond Jubilee!

So just in case you did not manage to celebrate over the past week, then you can celebrate a bit more today!

Out of all the big events this Summer, The Queen looks as if she is going to be far more popular than the Olympics….

The Olympics – is going to clog up the whole of London, for weeks, and the Central Line (If it works!) will be re-named The Black hole, as the squeeze of everyone getting on the trains will result in a region of space-time whose crushing forces are so strong that nothing which enters it, not even light, can escape.

The UEFA European Football Championship also looks as is it may trump the ‘Olympic Village‘ down there in Stratford, after the first match kicked off yesterday, and all the nation will be watching.

Until the semi’s!

Still, good luck to England playing on the 11 June, and Ireland tomorrow.

So back to the racing, lets look whats on at each of the meetings –

Chester celebrate the Queen, and hold quite a reasonable card, even though there is not any graded or listed races, but some solid class 2′s and handicaps. Perhaps we deserve some more racing from this gorgeous course after the earlier Chester meeting was a bit of a wash-out.

Newcastle have a very ‘sweetie’ based card, as Nestle sponsor the whole card for a Charity Race-night. They have some great race names such as Toffee Crisp Maiden Auction Stakes, Rowntree┬┤s Fruit Pastilles Handicap, and the Quality Street Matchmakers Maiden Stakes!

Newmarket has the name of ‘Southend Airport’, in every race, as the title starts with – Fly London Southend to…..On every race on the card!

Doncaster and Hexham also hold reasonable cards, and will be raising a glass to Her Maj, and Windsor and Worcester both hold evening meetings, both with a ‘Ladies Day’ theme, but Windsor are offering the chance to rub shoulders with the stars of the hit TV show TOWIE (The only way is Essex) in the private pavilion.


Whatta load of *******!

This is one of the few Saturdays that there is no Group, or Listed races, hopefully, some bright spark does not come up with the idea to put on a TOWIE Stakes race to fill the gap next year!

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