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Are you debating on whether or not to join The UK Horse Racing Tipster?

Are you debating on whether or not to join The UK Horse Racing Tipster?

Well read this article so you know whether to spot if it's a scam site as well as help picking from the many systems we have to offer (52o+)

By The UK Horse Racing Tipster

As you may have noticed on the home page and the recent results for the top 3 systems by ROI and Profit (from July 28th 2014) we have been doing very well recently.

If you are not on the site as a member then now could be the time to join.

You are missing out on these profits and ROI which are based over a rolling 30 day period taken from the home page of the site on July 30th.

Systems By ROI
System LAY 313 +481.69%
System WIN 58 +554.75%
System PLACE 472 +112%


Systems By Profit
System LAY 453
System WIN 470 +£88.76
System PLACE 135 +£478.34


You will notice the systems are doing well.

The biggest decision for a new member to the site is what kind of bets or systems do I choose to follow.

This site has over 523 systems that consist of LAY, WIN and PLACE tips. All of them cover a massive range of system formats for example:

  • Place Systems where you bet on more runners than the number of place positions in the race to get that big priced placed horse.
  • Place Systems picked purely on my own ranking system which finds courses with high place positioning, trainers and jockeys in form and many more factors.
  • Lay Systems which are aimed at weak favourites or low priced horses e.g runners under the price of 2 to 5. Low risk, high returns!
  • Lay Systems which are aimed at betting on more than one runner per race to get more profit.
  • Lay Systems which have much higher prices but a very high strike rate / ROI. Good for those with a big betting bank.
  • Win Systems which are targeted at the "Quality Horses" I list in my Quality Horse table each month. E.G by just betting on those horses even when they race each other over the last 160 days in UK and Irish races at £10 win only stakes you would have won £2040.00!
  • Win Systems with longer odds but have a high AutoBOT Ranking (30% Strike rate).
  • Place Systems on both long-shots and favourites and many other combinations of ranking e.g OR, TimeForm, RP and so on.
  • Lay systems based on stables and jockeys with a low win rate running at courses they normally do badly at.

So there is a system for everyone.

One thing I wanted to make clear is the following.

There are a few systems that are based on "All System Tips".

For example the top profit LAY system, System LAY 453, with a profit of over £1,700, is one of those systems based on people betting on ALL THE LAY TIPS from ALL THE LAY SYSTEMS that day.

The others are

  • System LAY 453
  • System PLACE 174
  • System WIN 80

So if you don't see them in the daily members tips league it's because they are based on ALL the TIPS in the WIN, PLACE or LAY systems.

So at the moment betting on ALL LAY Systems at £10 stakes would be making you over a grand every month.

If you don't want to bet on a lot of tips then you should stick to those systems with high ROI, high strike rates but lower race counts.

Below I have just picked a few of the best LAY, PLACE and WIN systems from the last month June 2014 that should hopefully make you think that there is good money to be made by being a member on this site.

Some have only a few runs and a high strike rate / ROI, others lots of Runs but lower ROI, so the systems you chose all depend on how much money you can afford to bet!


System Runs Wins Strike % ROI 30 Days Profit
System LAY 187 438 348 79.45% 12.61% £552.50
System LAY 392 (Lay Weak Favourites) 74 53 71.62% 21.58% £159.70
System LAY 393 (Lay Weak Favourites) 168 109 64.88% 7.07% £118.80
System LAY 308 (Lay multiple runners in race) 14 14 100% 67.8% £160.00
System LAY 326 (Lay multiple runners in race) 10 10 100% 86.21% £100.00
System LAY 359 74 60 81.08% 41.2% £304.90
System LAY 396 176 166 94.32% 14.61% £257.20
System LAY 494 51 47 92.16% 31.76% £162.00
System LAY 518 (Lay Weak Favourites) 17 16 94.12% 84.71% £144.00
System PLACE 115 48 35 72.92% 36.69% £176.10
System PLACE 116 252 132 52.38% 35.73% £900.40
System PLACE 135 558 286 51.25% 42.48% £2,370.60
System PLACE 94 477 309 64.78% 34% £1,621.70
System WIN 24 71 53 74.65% 23.85% £169.30
System WIN 20 1 1 100% 350% £35.00
System WIN 21 3 3 100% 62% £18.60
System WIN 24 71 53 74.65% 23.85% £169.30
System WIN 32 313 157 50.16% 41.78% £1,307.80

As you can see some of these systems have a 100% ROI purely because they only have had 10 runs and they all won. Not bad if you can keep your head and only bet when the system tells you to.

However for those of you with a need to put a wager on daily there are systems with lots of bets to place each day. You may not win every day but over 30 days you should be up quite a bit.

So if you cannot wait you may want a betting system with a higher run, win and lower strike rate but still with an ROI > 5%. Don't worry I only give out systems each day that have an ROI > 5% over the last 30 days.

I also produce high runner systems with lots of bets, many with high price ranges but they return good strike rates in the 90%+ range.

It is totally up to you whether you can afford to place that many bets on or not.

In all reality the size of your betting bank basically decides the types of bets you should be placing and you should read this article on risk management.

Also remember I am very open with my results and tips. Every system, tip, NAP and article can be found on this site in the system history section.

So remember you can see always see the full monthly systems and results on the site here.

At the start of each month I list all the systems I actually used that month, all the systems that are on the books and whether or not they would have done well or not. Most importantly they all show strike rates, ROI and profit / losss. These are available for everyone to see, member or non member.

Also if you don't have a big enough bank for laying long priced selections relax.

Not only do I provide "high roller" lay tips but I also target weak favourites with determined accuracy. Some of these tips I give out to sites like UK HOT TIPS where you can see that I give out free weak favourite winners frequently

I also have lay bets for high rollers who can handle the odd 40/1 loss as well as the 1/2 odds on bets for more cautious gamblers.

In fact my computer generated system has identified weak favourites that have had Betfair Lay Prices of 2.5 or less and have lost their races 77% of times. These are great for those of you with a low risk ratio.

These gems are far and few between but have a high Return On Investment.

However if you are someone who cannot go a day without placing a bet then I would advise you to go to one of those dodgy one page betting sites you find all over the place which are constantly advertised by spam emails from companies called by names like "Betting kings" or "Betting Gods".

These sites just provide email lists for different site each day and every day they seem to have found that one magic site that has beaten the bookies e.g:

 "This is the ultimate betting system we have seen so far. It is guaranteed to make you so much money your day job will be history!

So far this month it has a 93% strike ratio and has made 140+ points!".

These emails and sites promise you the world and when you actually try them out they fail to deliver.

The email marketing sites are designed in such a way to psychologically bombard you into submission.

Even I fell for it once after a big win.

The constant emails by a certain company promising me constant 93% strike rates on WIN bets made me actually think a system like this might work.

I thought I could at least try a months subscription money to see how good they were and if they were "the ultimate betting system" then I would be encouraging everyone to join them!

In the first 4 days I was given 2 hot favourites around the odds on mark and every day one long shot around 20/1.

I guess they are luckily hoping a couple of these long-shots will win a few times during the month and make their money up.

In the first week I only won 4 bets in 5 days, they were all favourites at 2/1 or below and not one long-shot came in. Guess what - I am still working!

The companies constantly tell you they have a  profit of around +15 to +20 points a month and remember a point could mean anything depending on your betting bank.

For example in an email I got today (names hidden to hide the guilty) I read this.


Guess what XXX won yet another 3 win bets yesterday.

In the last 2 days he has picked up 4 winners from 7 bets for 7.19pts profit.

Thats £719.00 PROFIT! to level £100 stakes.

Here are just a couple of things wrong with this sales pitch.

1. It tells you about the number of bets the system / tipster won that day but ignores those that it lost.

Winning 3 bets might be good if they were the only 3 tips on offer but not so good if there were 10 tips to bet on.

2. In 2 days he has got 4 winners.

At £100 stakes that means the prices on the horses were around 2/1 or less and probably a few odds on bets as well. They are not exactly picking big priced horses here. Even I pick on average 3-7 winning free tip bets with prices from 1.50 to 5.00 each day.

3. "That's £719.00 profit" - Nactually it's £519.00 profit as you lost 3 of your 7 £100 bets.

Therefore these scamsters are not including the money staked and then deducting it from the profit. I could tell you that I make £2,000 profit at £100 stakes on 20 bets if it slipped my mind to tell you about the 30 bets that I lost at £100 stakes.

3. Who is going to put £100 stakes on a brand new system straight away?

You might have a fat bank balance just ready to go from tipster to tipster, risking £100 on tips that you don't know how good they are. However most people start slow, test the tips and build up their stakes slowly. Maybe after a few weeks or months you would have increased your stakes to £100 (if they kept winning) but starting off at £100? Not many people would be doing that.


So whilst other sites use the "points" system for showing results I use actual monetary amounts as profit or loss so people can actually see how much money you could have made.

Always remember 10 points can mean one thing for one person and another for someone else.

If you had a big bank then 10 points could mean £100 per point or if you had a smaller bank then 10 points could just be £10.

However £1,200 at £10 stakes is the same for everyone.

It's clear, it tells you how much you would have won by betting at £10 (average) stakes and I show you the strike rate, ROI and profit for every system over the last 30 days as well.

From that you can work out how much money you would have made at any sized stake.

If I really wanted to I could increase my stakes to £100 and then claim my current top system won £17,020 in one month!

How great would that sound if I sent you an email every day saying you could make over £17k a month!

However if you are willing to only bet when all the statistics including, ground conditions, favouritism, draw bias, jockey and trainer ratings are good then this is a site with multiple ways to make continuous profits from gambling AND with minimal risk if you need it.

Just remember to do your homework when you join this site.

Follow the links I provide you in the "Members To Do Guide" so you know what you should be doing to not only pick systems but to get help, find out which systems are constantly doing well and how to contact me if you really cannot find your problem in the FAQ page. This is all under the "I need help" section (members menu).

So if I haven't convinced you yet then maybe one of those spam emails promoting yet another 4 page template website might suit you instead,

If not read on for pricing.

For only £19.99 you can get one month's trial (only 1 trial allowed per user!)

Or you can subscribe in 3 different ways:

  • You can subscribe for a month at a time for £29.99.
  • You can subscribe for a whole year for only £169.99, a saving of £190 over the monthly subscriptions!
  • You can buy a days worth of tips for just £3.99! This is ideal for those weekend punters or people who just want to buy tips when they need them or for people wanting to read all my articles on trading or risk management.

So you can see I offer very competitive prices compared to other tipster sites and you can join UK Horse Racing Tipster now to access the hundreds of systems my "BRAIN" has come up with.

Not only will you get full access to all the members tips from over 523 systems. You will get my daily NAP list for backers, my members extra tips and full access to all the articles I have written for the site.

Sign up now and get the tips and money come rolling in.

Read more about the system on the My Membership Options Page or just choose a membership that suits your bank balance and needs.

Before signing up to any of our subscription services you must please read the Terms & Conditions page to ensure you comply with them all.

You will be asked to tick boxes to confirm you have read the Terms and Conditions page when you sign up so by doing this you are confirming that you are happy to comply with all of these conditions.

I know people don't like reading long-winded technical or legal blurb but these pages are for your own benefit and if you tick the boxes without reading and then commit one of the acts that can lead to your subscription being removed (section 6 - security) it will be your own fault for not reading and then breaching them.

Also please read the guide on how to register so that you know what steps you need to go through when signing up.

Plus you need to be aware that we have a fully comprehensive FAQ and Help guide which covers all kinds of issues and solutions you might come across with the site.

This includes a technical test to ensure you are doing everything correctly and to check that your computer is set up correctly and compatible with this site.

Also please remember I cannot provide 24 hour support and do take holidays!

The system registration process works as long as you follow the steps.

Therefore please read this guide on how to register before doing it so that you know what you need to do. The key things to remember are:

  • If you have already paid for membership on this site, whether for a days access or a trial you are still a user so if you want to upgrade or pay again for another day you login with the same user details you used when you first joined.
  • You pay for the membership you want on PayPal using the buttons below.
  • You register your details.
  • You confirm your registration email by clicking the link in it. Check your trash/junk box if you cannot find it. This will bring you back to the site.
  • Then complete your user account details on the site.
  • Claim your free bets and fill up your betting bank. Why waste your own money when you can use the bookmakers?

Also remember there is a comprehensive FAQ and Help guide and you just need to click  the I Need Help page to get the correct help for your problem.

Most problems I have ever come across are covered here and when new ones appear I add them to the page. Therefore this FAQ page is vital reading for anyone with any sort of problem and it should be your first port of call if you have any sort of problem.

If you are thinking about the £3.99 a day option I would suggest trying out the £19.99 month trial first as there is so much information and articles to read that it will take longer than a day for you to analyse the systems data and pick out those you want to follow. You could easily get overwhelmed by the information.

Here are the Membership Options for UK Horse Racing Tipster

The cheapest option is the yearly subscription as it will save you £190 over the monthly subscription however the monthly subscription is very cheap compared to other sites at just £29.99 and means you can stop and start whenever you want.

The daily option is ideal for people who are going out racing for the day and just want access to the NAP list or back tips. However it is better if they have been members before and know their way around the system first as it can be complicated.

Therefore if you do want to trial us out for a month we have the £19.99 option which can be ideal to get to know the system, how to access the statistics, tips and help before moving on to a monthly or yearly subscription.

Or get a yearly membership for only £169.99 a year

Or get a monthly membership for only £29.99 a month

Try us out for a whole month for only £19.99! (only one trial per user!)

Just buy today's tips for only £3.99 - use up your PayPal pennies and make some money!

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