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Top Tipster Leagues – a new way to make money from horse racing!

Top Tipster Leagues - a new way to make money from horse racing!

By The UK Horse Racing Tipster
Top Tipster Leagues

Join The Top Tipster Leagues - Betting For Punters By Punters - A Site that is taking the world of betting by storm!

  1. Are you Tired of Big Bookies offering rubbish prices on favourites that go on to lose to a 20/1 shot?
  2. Are You Tired of last resort of punters, the placepot, where just one loss ensures your whole bet is ruined?
  3. Are You Tired of accumulators where the last (or even the first) leg can ruin your bet?

Well why not try a new site out who offer something totally different.

From their mouths:

We all know tipster competitions have been going on for years, with bookies, friends, festivals etc.

We have taken this popular concept and created fully licensed pool betting leagues for daily UK & Irish race meetings, with a points system that is not only fair and great value, but is also super exciting.


This is not a tipster site providing tips!

This is not the usual betting site like Coral or Ladbrokes or even Betfair or BETDAQ where you do bet against each other.

This is not a league for tipsters only, ANYONE can join and play.

You just need to sign up with a minimum £5 and you will get an extra £5 when you do register. This is not a "payment" for joining. Instead the money is used to populate your Top Tipster account bank with £10 so that you can start playing straight away, that's 4 entrances into £2.50 league meetings or 2 £5 league entrances.

If you need more help once you have signed up just read their help and FAQ page which is clearly labelled in a box on the right hand side called "NEED ASSISTANCE?"

Top Tipster Leagues is a totally new concept where you can enter into as many tipster league competitions as there are racecards each day in the UK and Ireland at stakes of £2,50, £5 or £10, £20, £50, £100 and £250. 

They have even held Special Cards for big international meetings such as the Prix de l'Arc d'Triomphe and Breeders Cup weekend and they are hoping to expand the idea to other sports as well in the near future.

You can pick any meeting you want to play but there must be at least 4 other players for a league to run so you may find the most popular leagues are the £2.50 and £5 ones, especially on a Saturday where the ITV League offers you the chance to bet on each race shown on ITV or ITV4.

Also on these special leagues the organisers will add an extra £50+ into the prize pot so that you if you win you can easily walk away with over £225 from just £2.50 (See the CH4 Saturday example screenshot).

You may have heard about other tipster competitions like the one From The Stables Royal Ascot Tipster Competition holds regularly for big competitions like Cheltenham and Royal Ascot, however this is a DAILY COMPETITION and it's up to you how many leagues you enter.

Each tipster league is based around a racecard and the amount of stake you are betting e.g £2.50, £5 or £10.

The winnings are calculated by how many points you get from your selections and divided up so that the person with the most points gets the most money. The bigger the stake the bigger the winnings!

If you want confirmation that this is all kosher and above board then check out their gambling commission licence here: Top Tipster Leagues Gambling Commission Licence.

A Video Example

Watch this video of how the system works. It provides examples of how to play and more.

Watch on


How The Points Are Calculated

Firstly points are always awarded for your finishing position so if you win your race you will get more than if you finished 4th e.g

  • 1st - 10 points
  • 2nd - 7 points
  • 3rd - 5 points
  • 4th - 2 points


Bonus Points!

Then Bonus points are awarded for the price of your selection, these are awarded to all the first 4 finishing positions unless there are only 4 horses in the race. The points are based around the odds you picked so the bigger the price the bigger the bonus!

This is to stop people purely going for the favourite all the time. Picking a 10/1 winner is a lot harder than a 4/6 favourite!

I admit it can be annoying, especially when you are first, win the last race on a 7/4 favourite, but are not crowned winner due to someone picking a 16/1 horse which came 2nd - 12 points beats 10!

However the reason they do this is to even out the game and allow people who can pick longer priced runners the chance to shine and still win, even if they don't win every race.

The Bonus Points Work Like This

  • Under 4/1 - 0 Bonus points
  • 4/1 and under 10/1 - 3 Bonus points
  • 10/1 and under 16/1 - 4 Bonus points
  • 16/1 and above - 5 Bonus points

Remember bonus points are only awarded in races with 5 or more runners.

Some Bonus Point Examples

  • Say you get 1st at 4/6, 6/4 or 3/1 which means 10 points but no bonus points as it was a favourite, so you will just get 10 points!
  • Say you get 2nd at 16/1 which means 7 points ans 5 bonus points, so in total you will get 12 points!
  • Say you get 2nd at 14/1 which means 7 points and 4 bonus points, so in total you will get 11 points !
  • Say you get a 3rd placed runner at 7/1 which means 5 points plus 3 bonus points so in total you will get 8 points!
  • Say you get 4th at 20/1 which means 2 points and 5 bonus points, so in total you will get 7 points!

The reason they don't give bonus points for 4 runners and less is because you could pick an outsider at 25/1 and if it came last (4th) you'd be guaranteed 7 points. Therefore they only give points for finishing positions with 4 or less runners.

Also if two players draw on their total points at the end of a meeting it's the player with the most bonus points who will finish ahead in the league as they have had to use more skill to find those bigger priced runners!

How League Results Are Calculated

With the final league winning positions it works like this:

  • Where up to 6 players have entered only the winner gets paid.
  • Where 7 to 12 players have entered the 1st & 2nd position players get paid.
  • Where 13 - 24 players have entered the 1st, 2nd & 3rd position players get paid.
  • Where 25 - 49 players have entered the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th position players get paid.
  • Where 50 - 99 players have entered the 1st to 6th positioned players get paid.
  • The system is also programed to increase the payout positions so that as more players enter the more positions it pays out on,


Tipster League Examples

Here are some examples of real tipster leagues so that you can get an idea of what you will be playing and viewing as the meeting goes on.

This is when I won Day 2 of York's Ebor Festival, winning just under £50 from £2.50.

As you can see from the screenshot, that's me at the top with 57 points and 11 bonus points.

You can clearly see it was just the £2 league I entered with a target of 47 points to beat to collect a "Yello Tipster Ribbon".

If you collect 5 yellow ribbons during a month you will gain the blue "Ultimate Top Tipster" ribbon and get entered for free into a "Top Tipsters league" which will be a pre-selected meeting for all who qualified that month.

The UK Horse Racing Tipster winning Day 2 of Yorks Ebor Festival on Top Tipster Leagues
The final result of the Day York Ebor festival league


This is an example of the ITV4 (when it was on CH4) Saturday League

The ITV4 Racing league is where you pick runners for all races shown on ITV4's horse racing show wherever the race meetings are being held. So you could find yourself picking runners from Ascot, Haydock Park and Newbury in one day.

They also add extra prize money into the pot so it's the best league to enter each week. This was my attempt at the Grand National in 2017, so gutted Blaklion was hit into on that final jump as he seemed to go backwards after looking like a run away winner.

Top Tipster League Example
The ITV Saturday Grand National Tipster League


Top Tipster Leagues is a properly regulated company by the gambling commission and they have a UK Gambling License so you can be rest assured that your money is safe with them!

The best thing about their approach is that your "bet", runs for the whole meeting, so if you lose one or two races, it doesn't matter you can still win or come 2nd or 3rd and win money!

  • All you need to do is pick a race card you want to bet on.
  • Then pick the stake amount you want to risk - there are multiple levels £2.50, £5 and £10 leagues.
  • Then pick your runners for each race in the card.
  • At the end of the meeting the person with the most points win the "Tipster League" for that racecard (and stake) and you get to enjoy a whole days racing without worrying about one or two losses losing your bet!


Still debating, well they have a new competition!

Totally new to their site is their daily Top Tipster Jackpot Competition.

At just £2.50 to enter the lowest prize fund league it's run at one chosen meeting every day until it is won.

The jackpot prize funds roll over every day until it's won.

The jackpot is won when a player achieves the point’s threshold set at the beginning of the competition. The point’s threshold can change at any time before a meeting begins.

If more than one player achieves the point’s threshold, it's the player with the most points wins the jackpot prize funds.

If more than one player achieves the point’s threshold but is tied on total points, it's the player with the most bonus points wins the jackpot prize funds.

If more than one player achieves the point’s threshold but is tied on total points and bonus points, the jackpot prize funds are split between those winning players.

Join now and start playing >


Do you still want some reasons to play?

  • The Top Tipster Leagues is the Newest & Most Exciting way to Bet on Horse Racing at the moment!
  • Unlike tipster competitions that run every now and then this runs daily over every single race card for the day!
  • A single horse will not kill the game for you! This doesn't happen with Top Tipster Leagues which is why everyone is now playing it! You can get no points for one or more races and still end up in the payout positions.
  • The Top Tipster Leagues was created by punters for the punters!
  • Remember you will be competition against other racing fans and punters in daily tipster leagues for real money!
  • There is an internal messaging service which lets you chat to the other players during a meeting.
  • They don't just concentrate on the UK and have Irish and top international meetings as well.
  • For just £2.50 you can bet on every race at the meeting!

And remember this is NOT A TIPSTER SITE - THEY DON'T DO TIPS AND THEY ARE NOT A BOOKMAKER - They are the most exciting and best value betting option in racing right now!

As the company behind Top Tipster Leagues say:

This is basically a new pool betting service like that of the Placepot.

We create a league for every UK & Irish race meeting.

You pick a horse from each race then choose which stake league to enter, either the £2.50 league £5 or £10 (whatever you can afford).

Points are awarded for finishing position and the price of each selection. Players with the most points win the league and the pool funds. What's great is because it's a points & league system, it doesn't matter if you have a couple of losers you are always in with a chance of winning so essentially your bet runs for the whole meeting!

It's great value & good fun!

Have a look and see what you think

So why not check the site out and get a free £5 for joining when you register: Top Tipster Leagues.

Here is an article describing my own first few games on the Top Tipster Leagues site, including the other day when I played 2 racecards and came 2nd in both.

Here is an article where you can see me winning day 2 of Yorks Ebor Festival. £2 made me win £50.

You cannot get much of a better stake to return ratio than that, except maybe on Saturdays, if you play the Channel 4 televised league, as the winner can easily take home over £200!

By The UK Horse Racing Tipster


© 2015 By The UK Horse Racing Tipster

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  1. Hattrick Heaven

    I wish they would start doing mini tipster leagues for the footie, maybe a weekends, weeks, cups, seasons matches etc. There is so much scope for this to be expanded.

    • Like the idea of the football tipster league would be well used i am sur

      • You should join up mate, it’s good fun and lots of people play meaning that even if you come 5th or 6th you get prize money. Plus if you don’t get any points for a race your not knocked out like a placepot you just carry on. Use the links on the page to join they give you an extra £5 to play with.

  2. Robert Reid

    It’s great fun and even better when you win! No bookies which makes it even better. Try it you won’t regret it – a fiver to start playing. You might come in the top 6 and win from £250 to £10.

  3. They now have a rebranded site and have a football league you can play in as well.

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