Accumulator Staking Plans

Using diminishing rollovers as an accumulator staking plan

By The UK Horse Racing Tipster

The diminishing staking plan for accumulators is a way for gamblers to gain the benefits that come from accumulators with a risk that reduces the more bets you place.

As probability dictates that the more steps you put on an accumulator the greater the likelihood of you losing. The idea is to cover your stake as soon as possible so that if you lose on a subsequent step you have made your stake back and hopefully some profit as well.

With a normal accumulator it’s all or nothing but when you use a BOT to place your own bets on an Exchange or manually place your accumulator step by step in a bookies the opportunity to minimise your risk is available to you by following this plan.

This plan can be used for Win Accumulators, Place Accumulators, Super Accumulators (mixture of win and place bets) and multi day accumulators (accumulators run over many days).

As a gambler there is nothing worse that getting to your fourth step of an accumulator, risking a few hundred pounds on the last leg only for it to lose and for you to walk away with nothing.

This staking plan aims to beat this problem.

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