Betting Plans

Betting Plans and how I make money each day with my AutoBOT on Betfair

By UK Horse Racing Tipster

This article is for any members who are daunted by the available options open to them when it comes to choosing systems to follow from the 521+ I currently have on the site.

Also if you want advice on setting liability limits, whether to trade or not and if so how much to drop or raise the price by for the opposing bet, then this page is for you!

As you know the reason I offer such cheap membership options for this site as well as displaying numerous free horse racing tips in the news section, on the free tips page and on my old blog is because I make enough money from my own betting to not have to worry about scamming people with huge membership fees.

I know there is a recession on and money is tight therefore believe it or not the altruistic side in me overrides the business man portion – yes it’s really true I am not a money grabbing bastard like other tipping site owners.

I bet you are thinking, very strange or it’s some kind of reverse psychology marketing ploy? Well whatever anyone says online it’s the former I’m afraid.

At the moment all the money I make from membership fees is used purely to cover server hosting bills and nothing more.

I am not on a server with 100+ other sites, I own it, which costs a lot more money. I make very little profit from membership fees as I spend every spare minute I get outside my day job (yes I do have one) working to make this site better for users, coming up with new systems and testing them with REAL money.

Also I am lucky enough that my AutoBOT makes me enough money at the moment (earning me a profit almost daily), that until I can re-develop it for Betfairs new JSON API things won’t change much around here in terms of cost apart from Christmas and special giveaways etc.

It’s sods law that Betfair would have to  go and change their whole API just as I got started and rolling big time, but that’s life!

Between 2009 and 2012 I created my own betting bot (the AutoBOT) and before I made this site live late in 2012 I displayed all my horse racing tips free for a year on as a trial run.

The site is still live, with daily free lay tips posted to it, and I occasionally post articles to it on big race days.

On top of that it contains lots of useful information for other tipping site owners who want developer advice, SEO tips, betting affiliate links and lots more.

Yes I am a web developer and if you can afford me you can hire me to help with your own horse racing site.

I have worked on 6 sites now, some of them big names, therefore I have plenty of expertise on what it takes to get a horse tipping site running, advertising it and making money from it.

Whether you need Twitter BOTS, DM responders, automatic posting or tweeting, importing feeds, tips or news or just advice on plugins to install then I am your man!

Use this contact form to get hold of me if you’re interested in hiring me.

The rest of this article is for members who want to know the exact limits, precise percentages and other figures I use in my own AutoBOT when betting each day. 

Sorry this article about making money from betting on Betfair is only available to weekly, monthly or yearly subscribers.

However you can join now for as little as £2 for a days access to tips and articles or £25 for a monthly subscription to access to over 517 systems.

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