The Free Bet System

The Free Bet System

By The UK Horse Racing Tipster

The free bet system is best used in conjunction with the “Super Horse” system.

If you haven’t read that system then take a look at it now. Also please make sure to check out all the latest bet offers on this special betting offers page.

As nearly all online bookmakers offer new members introductory free bet offers to entice people to join their betting website when signing up by phone or computer they can be taken advantage of to make yourself free money.

For example when one of the horses in the current “Quality Horse” table is running, and especially when they are not running against another horse in the same table then this system is great for making free money.

Also keep an eye out for the latest free bet offers or price boosts that the major bookies offer even if you are an existing member.

You can find all the latest offers on my free bet offers page.

The basic tenets of the system are:

  1. A horse in the Quality Horse table is running, preferably a really good horse of the grade that Frankel was.
  2. You join a new online bookmakers and take advantage of their registration free bet offer. This is usually a free £25 or £50 bet or a refund if you lose etc.
  3. Remember the aim is not to make money on the price of the horse as the odds are going to be very low, for example Frankel used to sit in the win market at 1.20 (1/5 on) as everyone knew he would win. Therefore the aim is to make the money from the free bet offer the bookies are offering you NOT the odds the horse is in the market at!
  4. Even if you are already registered on the bookmakers site keep an eye out for special offers that increase the prices of certain horses on big race days. Over the past year we have had Coral’s 1/1 offer on Sprinter Sacre (1/5 on with most other bookies! This cost them over a £1 million and took their website down for hours!) or the 3/1 price increase on Al Kazeem when he was 15/8 in the 2013 Coral Eclipse and recently their 1/1 on The New One which was 2/7 at most other bookies. Even as an existing Coral member I made sure to take advantage of these price boosts and you should keep an eye on the latest bet offers page to see what deals are available. Following @ukhorseracetips on Twitter will also give you a heads up on special deals.
  5. You place the specified amount the bookmaker wants and make sure to read the Terms and Conditions so you don’t fall through the cracks by doing something that would make your free bet void – see the list below for some of the usual conditions.
  6. You place your bet, the horse wins and you claim your money, or the horse loses and you get a refund. If you stick to great horses, especially in trials and not big events then the prices maybe low but the chances of losing will too.
  7. You withdraw your money!

There are many online bookmakers who offer “free bets” to tempt new customers onto their sites and if you regularly check out my latest bet offers page you will find lots of special betting offers for upcoming races and festivals as well as offers that are always available.

Also just look in the right hand side bar to see some of the free bet offers you can get right now.

I know people say nothing exists in horse racing as a “sure thing” but these are the latest races where I have promoted the winner and told you all (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and this website) to bet on it and use a free registration offer from a new bookmakers to make extra cash on top of your winnings.

Sire De Grugy, Sat 18th Jan 2014, at 5/4 a £50 bet would have returned you over £125. Plus you would have got a free £50 bet by using a bookies such as Ladbrokes or Coral who match your first bet up to £50.

The New One when he ran in the International Hurdle and beat Zarkander at 2/5 on in December 2013. However Coral boosted his price to evens before the race. So a £25 bet would have returned £50.

Al Kazeem when he was boosted to 3/1 by Coral in the summer of 2013 and won in the Prince of Wales Stakes.

Sprinter Sacre when he was boosted from 1/4 to 1/1 by Coral in the the Queen Mother Champion Chase at Cheltenham in March of 2013.

Any race by Frankel where the bookmakers will let you bet on odds on favourites such as Betfair who will let your bet on any runner at 1/5 on e.g 1.20 or more to earn a free £50.

Therefore these races DO happen and even better if you use a new bookies and sign up on your computer or phone you will get either a refund if you lose OR more likely a matched bet.

New bookmakers are coming on the scene all the time so you can literally rotate around them all making money and free bets.

For example if you bet £25 or £50 (or whatever the bookmakers terms and conditions say) then you will get another £25 or £50 to spend later WIN or LOSE.

Coral will from the 1st of March give you £20 when you join and bet a mere £5!

Betfair and Ladbrokes will both match your first bet up to £50!

Others like William Hill and BetVictor will match up to £25.

SkyBet will give you £30 and BetFred anything from £1 to £25.


Visit my latest bet offers page to see the best offers at the current time. Or visit the cheap bet offers page if you haven’t got much money but still want free bets when joining new bookies online.

Therefore you can see why you should take my advice on these occassions.

Remember to always join online or from your phone and use a link from this site to get the offer redeemed.

Example Free Bet Offers

Some of my favourite bet offers are below:

Get a free Sky Bet of £30 here plus free bets of £5 each week as long as you bet £5 each week and a £5 casino bet.

Join SkyBet and get a free £30 bet and free £5 bets each week

Start betting from £1 to £25 and get it matched by BetFred.

Just join and they will give you a free £10 bet. If you deposit up from £5 to £50 they will match it!

Join BetFred and get betting from between £1 and £25 and get it matched by BetFred.

Get a free £20 bet when you bet just £5 at Coral with this link.

Join Coral and get a free £20 bet when you bet a mere £5 on joining!

You can claim up to £88 in free bets from 888bet with this link:

Join 888Bet and get up to £88 in free bets

Or you can get a massive £200 in free betting offers from Bet365 with this link.

Join Bet365 and gain up to £200 in free bets

The following Stan James banner will give you a simple offer of bet £10 and get another free £10 to bet with.

Join Stan James and get a free £10 bet

Coral Sports


Betfair Free Bet Offer Example

For my example though I am going to use one of the leading Betting Exchanges – Betfair.

Not only do they provide a great free £50 bet offer when you sign up with the promo code LWFMEX4UJ but they don’t have very complicated terms and conditions.

Most online bookmakers have “free bet” offers and you will often find in the small print that they have terms and conditions that say things like:

  • They only refund the stake IF the bet is lost. Therefore if you win the bet you don’t get anything! Not many of these bookies exist anymore thank God.
  • They won’t let you withdraw the free bet money once it is given out and you are only allowed to continue betting on their site with it. So you must win with their free bet money before you can withdraw any of it.
  • The bet must be made at a price of 4/1 or above. No “sure things” are allowed on some sites. However Betfair lets you bet from 1/5 or above which is one of the lowest prices you can get with these offers.
  • You must sign up on a mobile phone or computer.
  • Your free bet when given to you and placed will not return the stake with the winnings (including Betfair). So if you are given bak £10 then make sure you bet on a horse above a price of 1/1 or you will actually lose some of your free money. For example as 1/1 is evens or 2.00 in Decimal pricing the maths is Stake * Price so if you have a free £10 then multiply it by the price to get your winnings. If the price is 2.00 (1/1) then it’s £10 * 2.00 = £20. So you can see if the price was less than 2.00 e.g 4/6 or 1.67 then £10 * 1.67 = £16.70 so you would lose £3.30 from your free £10 bet. Check out the decimal to fractional pricing conversions on this page.
  • Any other small print in the terms and conditions that make it easy for you to miss out on that “free money” you were expecting.

The Bookies are constantly changing their free bet sign up offers so keep on top of all the terms and conditions. For example Betfair were offering £25 now they offer £50, SkyBet were giving out a free £10 bet then it stopped now they are giving out a free £30 bet.

Betfair did at first allow you to bet on a horse of any price now its 1/5 or more (or on Betfair 1.20).

They also now follow other bookies so that the stake from a free bet is not returned in any winnings placed with it.

Of course there is no such thing as a “sure thing” and we have seen accidents such as Rewilding on the flat break his leg or Camelot failing to win the Triple Crown in 2012 and this year Sprinter Sacre being pulled up on Boxing Day with an iregular heart beat

So don’t believe anyone who says that a horse is 100% going to win a race as there is always a chance that something could go wrong.

However by limiting the number of horses you use this system with you can reduce the possibility of an unforeseen ”accident”.

Therefore although this system can be used on multiple betting sites - just pick one from the right hand side bar – the guide below is specifically on how to sign up to Betfair and make your free £50 using their system.

Obviously if you don’t want to bet £50 in one race then you don’t have to but Betfair will ONLY match your first bet amount so if you only bet £5 they will only match £5.


A Step by Step Guide to Signing up to Betfair

Very rarely a horse comes along that looks “unbeatable” a “sure thing” so to speak.

A horse like Frankel, Black Caviar or Big Buck’s who seem to win whatever conditions are thrown at them. This is why you should take notice of the horses currently running or use my “Quality Horse” table to help you in the decision of which horse to bet on.

For this example I am using (at the time of writing)  Sprinter Sacre who is about to run in the Queen Mother Champion Chase at the Cheltenham Festival in a weeks time on the 13th of March 2013).

Not only is this horse a great horse, it is one many other trainers are scared of, one that can jump with ease and run home like the wind. As you can see Sprinter Sacre has a score of 876 which apart from Big Buck’s (not running this year) and Hurricane Fly (another one to consider for this system at Cheltenham) he is in the highest rated list of horses.

Remember (and this goes with future horses as well) you have two possible outcomes when signing up to Betfair with the promo code: LWFMEX4UJ  when “sure things” like Spinter Sacre run.

  1. You sign up and deposit £50 into Betfair using the button at the bottom of the page. You then put it all on the hot favourite and he wins. You get your stake back of £50 plus any winnings minus a small percentage Betfair takes out of successful win singles bets. You will also receive into your Betfair account another £50 within a couple of days of the race.
  2. You sign up and deposit £50 into Betfair using the button at the bottom of the page. You then put it all on the hot favourite and he loses. Betfair will put back the £50 into your account within a couple of days of the race and you can then place it on another horse race within 30 days (unless their terms have changed) and if it wins above 2.00 or 1/1 then you get back the profit from the win and THEN put it back onto your card.

Therefore whatever the outcome of the race you have lost nothing.

Who doesn’t want to earn some free money in this times of austerity and cut backs by our ever so friendly government!

Therefore follow this step by step guide on placing your first bet on Betfair.

1. Click the following button which will take you to the Betfair sign up form. Or if for some reason you cannot see it then click this link to get to the Betfair registration form.


2. Fill in the form and enter the promo code LWFMEX4UJ in the Promo Code box. This is what gives you your free £50 so if you remove it you won’t get it.

3. Click the ”My Account” link if you see it or if you can see in the top right a “Deposit Funds into Betfair” link go to step 4.

4. Once registered go to the ”Deposit Funds into Betfair” page which is top right of the page and add £50 into your Betfair account either from PayPal or a Debit or Credit card. It is all secure and encrypted so no there is no  need to worry about entering your card details on this page.

5. After your money is in the account and you are betting on the day of the race go to the “Horse Racing” section and select “Horse Racing – Todays Card”.

If you are betting before the race you need to select ANTEPOST and then  the race from the list of those shown. Otherwise if you are betting on the day you need to select the right race and time from the left hand side menu. Pick Horse Racing – Today’s Card, then the course, then the race time you need. E.G for this example it’s the 15:20 at Cheltenham which will have the words “Champion Chs” after it.

6. Select the course you want and the market you want. In the example I am giving it would be Cheltenham and the WIN market at 15:20. There are always multiple markets per race, especially on big race days which means getting the market right. Luckily the win only market is the top one for the race time and won’t have words such as Place, Reverse Forecast, 5 TBP or AvB after the market name.

7. Find the horse you want, in this case Sprinter Sacre who is top of the table. Now select the blue square nearest the pink one (Blue = Back, Pink = Lay).

The number on the square will be the best price currently available for that horse in the market at that point in time. You may see the numbers change constantly especially in a fast-moving market.

Remember you are backing the horse to win so don’t get forget it’s blue to place win or place bets and pink to lay a bet e.g where you are acting as the bookie and providing the money for the backers if their horse wins. 

Read this article on how to bet on Betfair if you need further help.

8. A little window will open up on the right hand side where you can select your odds (price) and bet amount (stake) for the horse you want to bet on.

9. Under the odds column in the box either put in your own price (which may or may not be matched at the time of placing – but could be matched in the time up to the race start) or take the price that is currently in the box when it opened. This will be the same as the number in the blue square you clicked initially.

Personally I would try to put the price a couple of ticks above the current market price to see if it gets matched and then chose the ”Take SP” option (see point 14 for details).

This means that if the number in the blue box was 1.31 I would put in 1.40 and if the price was 3.50 I would put in 3.70.

The bigger the price the less chance it has of winning and the more you can raise your own bet offer. If you are early enough in the day there is a good chance that the prices will fluctuate a lot and you will get a match for your higher price. However if the price is already at 1.20 then you won’t get your bet matched if you bet any lower so take that price.

Remember the aim is to get the bookies free cash when you win NOT make money from the race. You will make a little but not much.

At the moment the ANTEPOST price is 1.31 to win (not a lot!) therefore the aim of this system is to make money from the free bet offer NOT the price the horse is at (that is just a bonus).

10. Under the stake column enter 50.00 which is the amount you deposited into your account. Remember you need to use the full £50 you deposited within 30 days to get back £50 from Betfair after the race. Or if you are only risking £25 use that amount etc.

11. After you have set your price and stake the screen should look something like this (forget the race names down the left hand side as those were the races on today not the day of the race I am referring to.

Also this is the Antepost betting so a lot of these horses won’t run on the day – scared of Spinter Sacre most probably!

The prices and runners will change by the day and if you are going to bet on the day you will need to look for the race under the “Horse Racing – Today’s Card” menu option NOT the Antepost menu.

Betfair Betting Exchange


12. Press the ”Place Bets” button.

13. If your bet has been matched then there is nothing else to do but watch the race and collect your winnings. Or if he loses reclaim your £50 back in a couple of days time.

14. If your bet has not been matched it will probably be down to two reasons:

  • The price has changed during the time it took you to place the bet and therefore your price is now too high or too low to find an opposing “layer” (pink button user) to match with.
  • You put in a price that was too low or too high to be matched at that point in time.

If the bet isn’t matched straight away then you will then see some radio button options under the box:  ”Cancel”, “Keep” and “Take SP”.

Now if you really want to try to get your own price matched then you could choose “Cancel” which means that if your price is not matched at the time of the race starting then your bet will be cancelled and your £50 will remain unused in your account.

I recommend hitting the ”Take SP” button which means that when the race starts you will take the calculated starting price that Betfair comes up with. This gives you enough time for your own price to be matched and if not you will still take the bet. Therefore the earlier you put your bet on the better.

“Keep” means to keep the bet even once the race starts in the hope that someone will match it whilst the horses are running. For example it might get matched because your horse is right at the back of the field and there looks like little chance of it winning OR even worse it falls over at a fence and then someone snatches up your bet as it now has no chance of winning at all!

However if it doesn’t get matched during the race then you will be left with your stake in your account and you will have to find another “sure thing” in 30 days to bet on.

For simplicities sake and to ensure your £50 stake is all used up use the “Take SP” option if your bet is not matched.

15. Watch the race if you want to. If it’s not on TV then click the “live video” menu link in the grey menu above the prices and a pop-up box will open. You can then select the race you want and watch it live on your computer. There won’t be much speaking before the race unlike watching racing on the TV so don’t think your headphones or speakers are broken if you don’t hear anything before the race starts!

16. If your horse wins you will be able to withdraw your profits once the race has been over for a few minutes and all markets have been settled. That is unless there is a stewards enquiry for some reason.

I had to wait over an hour and a half due to the enquiry after the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe when Workforce won the race. However I would suggest waiting a couple of days until Betfair give you your free £50 and then withdraw the full lot at the same time £50 stake + winnings + £50 Betfair sign up reward.

17. If your horse loses then just wait a couple of days for the free £50 to be added to your account and then withdraw it back to the Debit or Credit card you used to fund the account. Remember when you are using PayPal to withdraw funds or to deposit funds into your Betfair account they will charge you a fee for the transaction.

18. Most importantly – tell all your friends about this amazing offer.

Give out the referral code LWFMEX4UJ on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ or just email your friends a link to this page. You can just copy and paste: and let all your mates share in on the free money offer. 


So if you haven’t already go ahead and click the following button to sign up to Betfair and deposit your initial £50 to claim back £50.

Also remember that you can use this system with ALL the bookmakers as nearly all of them offer some kind of special sign up offer if you use their online website.

The offers range from a free, no deposit £10 free bet to up to £200 in free bets!

Just rotate through the links on the right hand side of this page.

Also on big racing occasions and special events the bookies will have their own “special sign up offers” so keep yourself informed of all the latest betting offers linked to events like the Derby, the Grand National or Royal Ascot by regularly checking my latest bet offers page.

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