Horse Racing Gift Shop

This is the Horse Racing Gift Shop where you can find a wide selection of horse racing books including paperback, hardback and e-books on everything from beating the bookies to framed pictures of famous horses like Frankel as well a numerous gifts, clothes and other presents that you can purchase directly from Amazon through the UK Horse Racing Tipster website.

You can find very useful information on which 2 year old flat runners you should be keeping an eye on every year as well as which new novices to watch for the National Hunt Season.

As every bettors quest is to make, not lose money from their gambling this racing shop is ideal for lot's of people as it has multiple books on how you csn rise the bookmakers out. Everyone wants to beat the bookies and this horse racing shop has lots of books on how do just that.

It also has numerous books on trading and how to use BOTS and betting exchanges such as Betfair or BETDAQ to automate your betting. There is nothing like earning momey whilst you are at work and betting BOTS let you do thid. Just feed the BOT your bets and off you go.

Also if you are interested in personal stories this online horse racing shop has autobiographies from professional gamblers, trainers and jockeys. If you want to get into the profession there is nothing better than learning from the best and these personal stories allow you to do just that.

So make the most of the shop and remember it has 4 different sections:

  • Betting Strategies
  • Horse Racing Guides
  • Lay Betting and Trading
  • Racing Extras

So use the menu's on the right of the shop and remember that this is just a front for Amazon so you can use Amazon Gift Card's and any money you have on the Amazon site to downlod e-books straight to your Kindle or Tablet if you want to.

The Horse Racing Gift Sthop