Laying Multiple Runners

Laying Multiple Runners in a single race, and over multiple races in a day is one of my most successful systems.

By The UK Horse Racing Tipster

You will see if you look at any of the system results some of the systems with high Return On Investment (ROI) are those that are based on laying multiple runners in a race.

The criteria that the system is based around changes by system and is only known to the AutoBOT’s BRAIN. All you have to know is to place the LAY bets on ALL those runners that are listed in the LAY All Runners System you are following.

Possible systems are based around combinations of many factors such as:

  • All runners with a price less than 5.00 or less than 20.00.
  • Runners with riders who have never won on the horse running on unfamiliar ground or courses.
  • Runners from stables who are having a bad run or horse with poor recent form.
  • Runners with my own rating score above a certain level. Where the rating score is made up from hundreds of different factors.
  • Hundreds of other factors only known to the AutoBOT and the “BRAIN”.

A simple definition of a lay bet is that you are basically acting like the bookie and betting for the horse to lose the race. The only place you can do this on Betting exchanges like Betfair.

As only one horse can win a race that means in a 25 horse race 24 runners will lose.

Imagine if you had laid those 24 horses? They would all have different prices and the highest risk you would be taking would be from the horse with the highest lay price as all the others would be covered by that.

So if horse A has a price of 20.00 and you lay it, then all the horses you also lay in that race under 20.00 don’t matter as it’s the horse with the highest price that costs you the money.

So if the horse at 20.00 (19/1) wins then you will have to pay out on it but the 24 other horses you laid will probably add up to a total amount that is bigger than your payout.

So if the horse who won was 20.00 in Betfair then you would pay out £190.

However you would also win £10 * 24 (the other horses you laid) which would be £240. So you would actually win £50 even though you laid the winning horse.

Sorry the details about how to carry out the highly profitable system that involves laying multiple runners in a single race with real world examples is restricted to our members only.

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