Lay Staking Plans

Using the Diminishing Liability Lay Staking Plan

By The UK Horse Racing Tipster

As we know staking plans are important and when we are laying horses we don’t want to lose our whole bank in one day. Therefore a good plan is advisable – this is where the Diminishing Liability Lay Staking Plan comes in.

Lets say you are starting off with a bank of at least 200 points.

As Betfair’s minimum price for a bet is £2.00 this would mean £400 (£2.00 * 200 = £400) or if you were doing £10 a point it would be £10 * 200 = £2,000.

Lets stick with £10 a point as apart from the fact that you shouldn’t leave a LAY bet to take the SP in case it drifts to a huge price. If you put a LAY bet on the exchange which isn’t matched and then leave it to take the SP then Betfair won’t pay out on SP LAY bets that have a liability less than £10.

For lay bets under 4.00 – 3/1 you would risk a full point e.g £10.00.

Remember the reason the odds are so low is there is more chance of the horse winning (3/1 = 1 out of 3 races) but we are using the Brainiacs huge computer brain to work out advantageous angles where these odds are negated even futher such as jockeys who perform worse on certain tracks, over certain distances, ground not suiting the horse and so on.

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