Multi Day Accumulators

What are Multi Day Place Accumulators?

Multi Day Place Accumulators are accumulators that are carried out over a number of days where the best horse of the day is picked and a place bet is put on him.

The odds may be small in the place market so always try to add a few ticks to get a better price but the aim is to string together at least 6 of these bets to reclaim your initial stake and make some money.

The most I have managed to do in a row is 20 and obviously the more you do the more chance there is of you losing which is why you should carry out a percentage rollover strategy.

This is where you don’t put the full return amount onto the next step but instead only put 70% or 80%.

This way even if you lose after step 3 or 5 (depending on the price of course) you will have regained your stake and still made a profit when you lose on step 6 or 7.

Before I went live with this site I tried this strategy out on my other free blog and I regularly got strings of 8 – 15 bets together but I calculated that the best place to stop is after 6 steps.

Even the best horse can lose on a bad day and the aim of this betting strategy is to make money in small steps and safely which is why we try to pick out the best horse for the day.

The best races would be those that have 8 runners so that you have a 37.5%  chance of being placed and as we are looking at favourites they already have a 33% chance of winning.

You could also try 5 runner races and go for the top 2 being placed on Betfair which gives you a 40% chance of being placed.

A real world example taken from July 2013 shows how in just 4 steps I made over 100% ROI from an initial £150 bet and all with low priced favourites that were very likely to win.

You can view the 4th step here on my automatic free tips blog:

Bet Details Pos Price Return
1 – Sea Lord – Huntingdon – 15:40 1st 1.13 £169.50
2 – Port Alfred – Doncaster – 15:05 2nd 1.18 £200.01
3 – Sky Lantern – Newmarket – 14:40 2nd 1.19 £238.01
4 – Peak Royale – Epsom Downs – 19:15 2nd 1.36 £323.69

From £150 to £323.69 in just 4 bets all with really low place prices between 1.13 to 1.36 in the Betfair place market. Plus all the selections were favourites with starting very short win prices of 4/9, 5/4, 4/7 and 6/5!


An example of a winning 8 step multi day place accumulator bet in the UK Horse Racing Tipster’s Free Tips section – Jan 2014

Also at the beginning of 2014 in January the free tips section of the site gave out a winning 8 step multi day place accumulator which returned just under 400% ROI from an initial bet stake even at very low prices of 1.05.

As you can see the horses in the multi day place accumulator contained some very big names including Sire De Grugy, Annie Power and Hurricane Fly.

An initial £100 stake would have returned £492.06 in total giving a £392.06 profit.

As you can see all the tips won their actual race apart from the first one.

It is always up to you whether you want to risk a win accumulator instead of a place accumulator but obviously even good horses can get beaten.

Bet Details Pos Price Return
1 – Black Thunder – Warwick – 15:20 2nd 1.34 £134.00
2 – La Estrella – Lingfield Park- 12:30 1st 1.13 £151.42
3 – Tee It Up Tommo – Lingfield Park- 14:30 1st 1.25 £189.27
4 – Sire De Grugy – Ascot- 15:35 1st 1.55 £293.37
5 – Saharia – Wolverhampton – 16:00 1st 1.14 £334.44
6 – Basingstoke – Southwell- 13:30 1st 1.13 £377.92
7 – Annie Power – Doncaster – 14:05 1st 1.05 £396.82
8 – Hurricane Fly – Leopardstown – 14:35 1st 1.24 £492.06

You can view the 8th and last step of the multi day place accumulator bet here on the 26th of January 2014.

This was when Hurricane Fly won the BHP Insurance Irish Champion Hurdle again.

It was quite surprising that his win price on Betfair was above 1.60 at certain points for this race and I managed to get good value with a price of 1.24 in the place market that day.

Hopefully you can see that with some careful selections making a good ROI from place betting and rolling the profit over to the next bet can be quite profitable as long as the selections are right. Also you must remember not to do too many steps as knowing when to stop is the hard part with this kind of bet!

Sorry the full details about how to carry out multi day place accumulators and with real world examples and tips on spotting the right horses for them is restricted to our members only.

However you can join now for as little as £2 a day or £15 for a whole months trial to read it.

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