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What is the AutoBOT?

By The UK Horse Racing Tipster

The AutoBOTWhen you join the UK Horse Racing Tipster website you will have access to not just one set of tips each day like most other membership sites but instead you will have your pick of systems so that you can choose the one that suits your needs, style of betting and size of betting bank the most.

These systems include Back and Lay bets, from place bets to laying weak favourites and win bets to place accumulators there are many systems which you can pick from the AutoBOT’s “BRAIN”.

The betting systems that are on offer currently numbers over 517. That number keeps on growing all the time as the “BRAIN” crunches stats and comes up with new profitable angles to attack the betting exchanges with.

Also as the statistics for each system that my AutoBOT’s “BRAIN” produces keeps changing constantly there is little point in showing them here. However you can get an overview on the join now page.

The AutoBOT is a system that has taken me over 4 years to write and this site is designed to allow members to tap into its “BRAIN” and use the same tips that my AutBOT uses every day to make me money.

I have been called everything from stupid to a fool for using “automatic betting” with my AutoBOT on Twitter but then I am the person who regularly receives automatic deposits into my bank account from my Betfair BOT each week without having to lift so much as a finger!

For example today after I came home I found my AutoBOT had just made me £200 from 4 single LAY bets.

A 100% strike rate from 3 favourites and another 2nd favourite. The BOT picks it’s battles and it picks them wisely!

AutoBOT LAY 100% strike rate winnings

My most profitable systems are currently LAY and PLACE systems which is why you will see a lot of them about in the members tips as well as the daily free tips which are randomly picked from the days current full listings which is only available to subscribing members.

Before creating this site in 2012 I tested the AutoBOT’s tips out on my old blog shows using the moniker UK Horse Racing Star and regularly made money for followers. If you search in Google for UK Horse Racing Star you will find me, this site and my old free tips blog.

You can still get free LAY tips, valuable information about running your own betting sitesaffiliate registration links all in one place and articles on big race days such as The Breeders Cup, and betting offers on the old blog if you are interested. It is especially useful if you are planning on running your own site so check it out now and then to get valuable info for your own website.

If you require work on your own racing website then use this contact form to let me know what work you need.

Personally I make most of my money from laying horses, and weak favourites especially. Low risk, low prices and high returns when they come right. However on certain days such as big racing events I will put up my own (not the AutoBOT’s) racing tips.

For example in the 2013 Breeders’ Cup I managed to tip both Magician to win the Turf, Declaration of War to be placed in the Classic and a Win Double on Wise Dan and Mucho Macho Man. I was a very happy man when I returned from Iceland to see all the winnings in my various betting accounts! You can see the article I wrote when I returned from Iceland to find out I had won here.

I also love “Milking Bookies”, which is based around my “Free Bet System”. As each online bookie gives out free bets and cash to new registrants who join on their phones or computers there is always money to be had when a good horse is running.

I have used this system and a new bookmakers registration offer numerous times including Sprinter Sacre’s and The New One’s increased price price of 1/1 on Coral, joining William Hill to get free cash from Prime Exhibit, winning on Sire De Grugy with Ladbrokes and too many more to count.

With Betfair letting you claim up to £50 with a bet of 1/5 or above and Ladbrokes 1/2 or above you can even bet on hot favourites and claim your free cash. Remember the aim is to get the free money from the bookmaker not make any profit from the race – although that can be nice as well!

Check out my latest bet offers page for more details and read up on all the latest betting offers that can make you money whether you belong to the bookie already or not!

The “Brain”

Every night the AutoBOT’s “BRAIN” runs over a million different programs and tests against my data to find the next days bets.

These tests include historical checks on each runners past races, comparisons against their competitors, tests to see whether the conditions of the race suit a particular horse over another selection and whether or not they are more than likely to perform at the current class, on the course, distance and going and at the weight they are holding.

Only if all the relevant factors that I check for match and there is a greater than average chance of the selection winning will my AutoBOT’s Brain decide it’s worth betting on – there are no “punts” on this site. This is why for every system I place the last 30 days and 100 days ROI and strike rate above the systems bets so that you can easily tell whether it is a profitable system or not.

As well as analysing the runners I also check whether the jockey and trainer have been performing well of late, whether the trainer’s stable is having a losing or winning streak and whether or not the course has a bias towards favourites, draw bias or my own custom ranking system which rates horses form with a value from 0 to 2000. Frankel was the highest ever rated horse with a ranking of 1824.

I also check for the perfect conditions each horse performs at in comparison to those they are racing against that day. There is a lot of programming code and tests to be run and this isn’t a mickey mouse operation that any Joe Blogs with the knowledge to knock together a WordPress site can achieve.

4 years worth of coding from someone with over 20 years of programming experience has gone into this baby so it’s no easy feat to replicate if you are thinking about knocking your own AutoBOT up.

Only after each race and selection has been thoroughly analysed will I give it a ranking – this is my custom rating system that I use to mark each horse in a race with.

Not only do I have an all time ranking I have a “recent” ranking which covers the last 3 months of the horses races. My stats will show that favourites win around 1 in 3 races and my ranking wins about 27% of the time. Slightly less winners but the prices are more favourable.

Each day I only look at the horses with the top WIN, PLACE or LAY rankings for potential bets. Then I compare them to other runners in the race and if the system is currently in profit and the runners chances for it seem favourable then I will offer the bet up to members to use if they wish.

Only if the systems ROI is above 0% over 100 and 30 days will a system even be considered.

Remember there is no point winning 2 out of every 3 races in a short odds favourite system where each runner is priced at 2/5 on as even 2 winners combined has winning odds less than evens e.g 4/5.

This is why my own AutoBOT that bets for me each day only bets on horses that will keep the system profitable and cancel bets if the price drops too low for back bets or gets too high for laying.

Churning over lots of Maths and figures

Therefore a lot of maths and calculations goes into picking my selections and I am not someone who will randomly pick favourites from a paper just because their odds are low and they won their last race.

In fact some days it is possible (not that it has happened yet) that no system bets go onto the site for members purely because nothing matches my strict criteria. If you cannot handle going days without placing a bet then this is not the system for you and I recommend contacting Gambling Anonymous ASAP.

If however you are willing to make money by taking things slow, taking out a percentage of each winning amount to keep safe and only betting when the odds are in your favour then I suggest that this could be the system for you.

You can trial the site out for a mere £15 for a month and it’s £25 for a monthly subscription or £250 for a year.

You can even just buy a day’s worth of tips, NAP tips and special extra tips devised by myself for £2 a day. This is perfect for someone going racing for a day or who just bets at the weekend. Or just wants to gain access to articles that are only available to members such as the trading articles and tips on managing risk.

For more information on the site, the systems and what you can get out of the site check out the “why you should join this site” page.


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Make sure that if you are not a member of Betfair yet that you sign up ASAP and if you are going to do so make sure you get your free £50 bet by adding £50 to the account when you sign up and spending it within a few days.

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Or you could also bet £50 when you register at Ladbrokes and they will give you back a £50 bet if you enter the promo code F50 and bet it on a runner above the price of 1/2.

Just click this link to join Ladbrokes and milk a bookie when my site tells you to!


And for more betting offers including all the latest and best offers check out my special betting offers page as well as my cheap betting offers page to keep on top of all the special deals the Bookies do throughout the year and at major races or festivals.

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