Trade Betting

By The UK Horse Racing Tipster

The following articles which are accessible by the main menu or the links below are useful resources for people interested in trade betting on Betfair.

What is Trading?

Trading is basically the act of putting on both LAY and WIN bets on the same horse.

Why would you do that you might ask yourself?

Well, in it’s simplest¬†form, if you can put on a WIN and a LAY bet on the same horse but at different prices then you can either get yourself a totally free back (win/place) bet.

Or if you can adjust your bet amounts as well get different prices you can create what I call an “overlay”. This is where the outcome of the race is of no importance and whatever happens to the horse you will always make money. The only thing you need to be able to do is put on a LAY bet at a price lower than your WIN bet.

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Trade Betting

A guide to trade betting on Betfair.

Examples of trading algorithms to use on Betfair as well as information on overlaying your bets.

Details on over-round and under-round markets.

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