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We are having some issues with obtaining data for the site at the moment please hold on if you have a membership and don't sign up for a day pass or trial at the moment until sorted.

We are now over four years old!

Yes it's true, not only have been giving out high ROI winning LAY, PLACE and WIN bets to all our members for four years now but we have been rocking it with the free horse racing tips as well.

So if you want to know what you get when you visit The UK Horse Racing Tipster website and join the newsletter just look below.

  • Free horse racing tips every day on this site collated from a number of sources including tips by myself and other tipsters. NAPS for the backers, LAY tips for the layers including weak favourites and high roller lays, place doubles, triples and singles for those who like the place markets. In 2013-2015 we had an average daily free tip strike rate of 6.5 winning tips per day.
  • Free Tweet Tips collected from the web in real time. Don't want to leave your favourite racing site to check twitter for #NAP or #FREETIPS tagged posts. Then just view the Free Twitter NAPs page.
  • If you sign up to the newsletter on the homepage or the special email signup form then the free horse racing tips will be sent to your email inbox each day after 11am.
  • Access to all historical members only tips and system details so that you can see which systems have been constantly producing a return on investment for members over the last month and 100 days.
  • View yesterdays tips and their results and work out how much money you are losing each day by not joining the site ASAP!
  • Details of the next race on Betfair from the UK, Irish and sometimes French and UAE racing card as well as the status of the Betfair Exchange API for all you BOT users.
  • Trading information that can help you turn any bet into a winning bet when you use the Betting exchanges like Betfair.
  • Results of UK races as well as the top runners in the next upcoming races in both the Win and Place markets on Betfair.
  • Going reports, non runner reports and guides on how to read form.
  • Betting calculators that help you limit your liability or rollover a percentage of your winnings to your next bet.
  • Tutorials on how to use Betfair and BOTS aimed at making your betting easier and quicker.
  • Tutorials on different betting systems and how to use them to your advantage.
  • Big race systems for whittling down your contenders for the Epsom Derby, The Grand National and the Prix de L’Arc de Triomphe.
  • News from the world of Horse Racing including news from the UK, Ireland, France, Australia and the USA.
  • Free betting systems including the Small Stakes, Big Money, Win and Place and In-Play Football systems.
  • Tweets from @ukhorseracetips my own Twitter service.
  • Access to my Facebook page and Google+ page where you can get news about offers on other betting sites as well as my own rants about horse racing.
  • Lots of free bet offers including the £30 free bet just for signing up to Betfair with the referral code LWFMEX4UJ. Use it when you sign up and make yourself £30 when you bet £30 within the first 30 days of joining.


However subscribing to UK Horse Racing Tipster as a member will give you all of these extra features!

  • Unlike other betting sites we don't just give you a selection of favourites from the Racing Post to back or lay - no we have 4 different betting products for you to enjoy!
  • We have a members only list of horse racing tips every day which will appear on this site having been selected by my AutoBOT system which you can access on the website and now by email. Tips are selected from over 550 systems ONLY IF THE SYSTEM HAS an ROI > 5% over the last 30 days. Therefore this might mean that a system you are thinking of following might not appear each day and the reason will be that over the last 30 days the ROI for that systems tips will have not produced a profit over 5%. Emails are sent between 11am and 12 am each day. By following me on Twitter you will get informed when the articles are posted if you want to read them on the site straight away.
  • The Killer Lay System that aims to tackle weak favourites only and other low priced runners. No massive list of runners with a price above 10/1 to pick from and risk losing your bank on one bet. We tackle favourites as low as 1.50! Therefore if you do lose you will lose around your stake only OR even less. I trialed this system out for a whole year on a blog called UK HOT TIPS so check that site out to see the sort of results and tips you will get. Members can access this system every day by logging into the site and checking the tips section. If I cannot get at least 4 good lay tips by 13:00 GMT I will post as many tips that I can so there could be anything from 2 to 10 LAYs a day - as always I would ask you to use your own judgment when placing LAY bets. This site is full of useful information such as the strike rate of favourites winning or placing at various flat and NH courses around the country. Therefore if you want to increase your LAY strike rate you could tackle those courses at the low end of the table such as York (26% win rate for favourites) or Wolverhampton (27%).
  • An extra members only list of horse racing tips that I have personally generated which include win, place, lay, accumulator and bets to trade.
  • A members only list of NAPS of the day collated from around 60+ of the best tipsters around as well as 12+ tipsters that work ONLY for this site. Not only that but unlike other NAP tipsters ours may provide multiple NAP / NB tips per day rather than just one. So you get more out of our own tipsters best bets.
  • Remember to follow me on Twitter at @ukhorseracetips to get notified when online systems such as Killer Lay Tips, Members Extra Tips and the Daily Nap List go live as you must login to access them if you are a paying member!
  • Also I will give you a promo code for a free extended trial on another horse racing site that can give you the opportunity to part own a race horse, as well as the ability to access reviews straight from 20+ of the top UK trainers, as well as NAPS from a number of other tipsters AND a weekly blog from a top jockey!
  • Access to members only sections on pages. These are pages that are free to view but contain special information about the topic that only paid up members can view.
  • Members only tutorials on different betting strategies such as trading algorithms and staking plans.
  • Cheaper membership than almost every other racing site! You can trial us for a month for only £9.99! Or you can subscribe for £3.99 for just a day which is ideal for people who just want tips on the days they choose to bet. It is only £14.99 for a monthly subscription and a mere £99.99 for a whole year!
  • The longer you subscribe the cheaper it becomes. However because there is so much information I would recommend trialling the site for a month before dipping in and out for days tips at a time as there is a lot of information to get your head round!
  • An automated help system that covers all common problems and solutions including a technical test and an extensive FAQ section that covers all the possible problems you might face when joining the site. Please read the guide before joining.
  • The ability to upgrade from a trial or a short subscription to a longer (and cheaper) one with ease.
  • The opportunity to talk to me directly by email if you really need to. However the online help system covers all the bases and you are required to tick the box confirming you know that this is the first port of call when registering. If you want fast help then the answer will most likely be on the FAQ page.

If you want extra tips that have a proven ROI greater than 5% accessible over a month on this website then you should consider joining as a member and gain access to over 550+ systems that my AutoBOT computer system analyses every night by running millions of calculations to find bets with an above average chance of winning or losing.

These will include:

  1. Win bets.
  2. Place bets.
  3. Lay bets on weak favourites.
  4. Lay bets on higher priced runners (High Rollers) - Higher Risk but higher ROI!
  5. Lay bets on multiple runners per race - mitigate your risk of getting a winner by laying multiple horses.
  6. Multi day place accumulator bets - roll your winnings over from the previous bet which may have been days ago. Lots of safe place bets can equal good ROI!

If no tips fit that system for that day then they won't be displayed.

With over 550 systems there are always member only tips on the site and betting on all of them (whilst not advisable) will still return a profit around 50% of the time. You will often read in the free or member tips emails that members placing bets on all the tips could have potentially made £500 - £1500. This however COULD include placing LAY and WIN bets on the same horse. However it does show that the AutoBOT is working well when this happens.

So do the systems with a 100% strike rate. If you look at their stats and will find there were only 6 races in the month that met the criteria and all 6 we placed or lost their races so won! Small print is important.

I would advise any new member to pick between 2 to 5 good systems that suit your betting bank and risk and you should spend time analysing the monthly and daily system reports to see which systems constantly have a good strike rate or ROI.

There are plenty of reports printed on the 1st day of the month that show you the top system, breakdown by stake and price, the best NAP tipsters and the best performing horses ranked by my custom rating system.

You can view the history for all tips and systems here: Members Only Tip Results.

There are also plenty of articles that tell you the best strategies for betting, laying, trading, risk management and staking plans. Some articles are free to read for everyone, others have free to read sections but only members can access the full article.

The great thing is that all this comes at a price that doesn't cost you a fortune along with a schedule that allows you to leave when you need to.

I know times are hard so I don't want to take £50 out of your pocket each month when you might want to just spend a few quid for a few days access when you afford to.

So if you want to join the UK Horse Racing Tipster club then you have a choice of membership options from the 1 month trial to the "day pass" or monthly and yearly subscription options. The longer you subscribe for the cheaper your membership becomes.

A 12 month monthly membership at £14.99 is £179.88.

A yearly subscription membership at £99.99 will save you almost £80.

It all depends on your bank balance and how much you want to pay out for tips.

I know there are a lot of scam sites out there that hammer your email box daily trying to trick you into clicking their links to view their latest "Template Scam" sales pitch.

You can read about some of these betting scam sites here as I actually tested a load of them plus I got my money back from EVERY SINGLE ONE. If you want to know how, read the article. Just remember a betting site that consists of a single sales pitch, selling their system for just £20, is NOT going to make you rich and you will probably pay for:

  • A PDF file full of filters YOU have to apply every day - NOT a list of tips sent to you by email OR available on their site for you to just place.
  • No support - no online support - no FAQ's - and no response when you ask for historical results or proof that their systems work.
  • Hidden catches, such as extra payments required for costly other services.
  • Lots and lots of spam emails. In fact the more you click unsubscribe the more they come at you. Be warned, sign up to one of these sites and your email inbox will FILL UP with other scam systems.

You only have to compare some of these sites sales pitches to see that they are all cut from the same cloth, the same glossy design, fake screenshots with thousands in the bank.

Photos of the Caribbean and speedboats and all aimed at giving you the illusion that Grandmothers and single Mums are making thousands a day from their systems - and so can you!

I don't claim to be able to make you rich enough to give up your day job, that all depends on you and whether you can follow the rules that each system gives you.

I can promise you that the home page of my site is worth a hundred of these scam sites on their own.

We have a countdown clock to the next race, latest racing news headlines, fast results, the latest Betfair exchange prices for WIN and PLACE markets plus the latest odds from other bookmakers.

Plus the menu provides you with a depth of other information, free betting systems, race analysis, videos of top races, tips on trading algorithms and systems for narrowing down your picks for the big races such as the Grand National, Derby, Prix de l'Arc d'Triomphe.

We also have links to guides on the top races, reading form and historical results from all the big races and even betting calculators.

What To Do Now

Before signing up to any of our subscription services please read the Terms & Conditions page to ensure you comply with them all.

Also please make sure you understand about any possible reason that your subscription might get terminated e.g if you try hacking the site, sharing your login details or allowing your PayPal account to expire without adding a new debit/credit card to it within time.

All this information is contained within the FAQ and Help page and the Help Registering guide which will take you through all the steps you need to follow to sign up correctly as well as a includes a technical test to ensure you are doing everything correctly and to check that your computer is set up correctly and compatible with this site.

Please remember these pages contain a wealth of information on potential problems and how to overcome them. They are your first port of call whenever you have an issue so please read them carefully as you may need the help they contain.

I know people don't like reading long-winded technical or legal blurb but these pages are for your own benefit and you will be asked to tick a box during registration to say you have read and understood these conditions. Please remember I cannot provide 24 hour support and do take holidays so these pages are well worth getting used to.

The Golden Rules of UK Horse Racing Tipster

  • I do not put up tips just for the sake of it. Therefore if you come along one day expecting a WIN tip for your system and there isn't one, then it's because my system hasn't found one worth betting on.
  • Always use the Members Tip link to see ALL the tips for every system the BRAIN thinks are worth betting on that day. This will show you all the tips for all the systems the BRAIN had at the point of posting to the site. Therefore you may not always get WIN or PLACE selections when viewing systems however you will usually get LAY or PLACED based systems because these are the most profitable and I have found they have the highest ROI.
  • Be prepared to go days without betting. If you follow the system for a month without betting elsewhere on other systems or other sites and you will make money. If you start betting elsewhere as well or picking and choosing your bets you will most likely lose out at the end of the month.
  • The 1 month trial might not be enough for you to get what you want out the system but it will show you what the site is all about. If you have picked a WIN system that had only 5 selections in the last month then the likelihood is that you won't get to view many WIN system selections within a months trial.
  • Always take a percentage out of any winnings, whether it be an accumulator or a big win or just a daily profit and keep it safe e.g out of your betting bank. The aim is to make money and then keep it not waste it by betting it away immediately.
  • The aim of the site is slow, safe and constant winnings.
  • Remember if you see a system results page with a huge loss figure this could be down to people NOT following the systems guide e.g only bet on favourites under a price of 5.00. As the results are literally a tally of the total win/loss of the runners in that system at our SP it doesn't take into account these guidelines so it can be misleading at times.
  • If you cannot go a day or four without betting then this site might not be for you!!



The system registration process works as long as you follow the steps.

Therefore please read this guide on how to register before signing up so that you know what you need to do and in what order e.g:

  • Pay on PayPal either as a new member (below) OR if you are an existing member and want to upgrade your membership (e.g from a free trial to a monthly membership) then please use the Change Membership page under the Members menu. Remember once you have joined the site you are a member, even if you don't currently have access to any tips due to an expired membership. Therefore if you have been a member on the site at any time in the past, use the lost login link if you have forgotten your details, before visiting the Change Membership page. This counts even for a trial/day pass!
  • After payment you will be returned to this site. If PayPal does not automatically take you back to the site after paying there should be a link on PayPal's receipt page that says "Return to UK Horse Racing Tipster" (or similar wording) that you can click.
  • When you come back to the site you will be on your membership page where you can complete your members details e.g username, email and other details. You will then be sent an email to confirm your email address. Please try and use the same email address as previous memberships and your PayPal account. If you use different emails on PayPal and the site you may find that the registration email goes to the wrong address, so check both, or that when you try and confirm your email account the system won't be able to match your email address up to a user and you will see an error page. Therefore please use the same email address as your PayPal account to avoid any problems.
  • Confirm your registration email by clicking the link contained inside it. If you cannot find your email check your Junk and Trash boxes and ensure your mail application doesn't continue to block emails from this site.
  • If when you click the link you get a blank page or a message that says "Your Link Expired: Please contact Support if you need assistance." - Please use the lost login reminder link with your email address as this will send you a link to re-set your password so you can get into the site. This sometimes happens if you have used a different email address on PayPal than the one you entered as your membership email. Or if you use words such as admin in your email address or banned domain names (e.g from temporary email addresses etc). So click this link to get your password reset link sent to you.
  • Log in and access your members area. Here you can change your details if you need to as well as access your tips, free bets and other information.


PayPal Registration Page

This is the page you should see when you click a payment option button.

If you have a PayPal account you just login and pay for the subscription otherwise use the "Don't have a PayPal account? Pay using your debit or credit card" link at the bottom of the page.

Registering to The UK Horse Racing Tipster on PayPal
This is an example of paying for a months trial

Please remember if you get stuck along the way to check the FAQ and Help guide and the I Need Help page to get the correct help for your problem. There is also a technical test to ensure you are doing everything right and to check that your computer is set up correctly and compatible with this site.

Also please ensure your PC or device is plugged in or has enough battery in case it dies during the process. If you pay but don't set up your membership, PayPal redirects you to the site so you can do this, you may find you won't be a member and cannot login!

As I have a full time job this page is your first port of call if you have any sort of problem or issue! So please read the links before registering so that you won't run into problems.

I would also 100% recommend trialing the site for a month before dipping in and out for days tips as there is a lot of information to get your head round when you join. Therefore a day might not be enough to analyse the systems and pick those you want to follow etc.


Here are the Membership Options for UK Horse Racing Tipster

Unlike other betting sites all members get access to 4 products including the Members Tips which are sent out by email plus the Members Extra Tips, Daily NAP List and The Killer LAYS which you must visit the site and login to see.

The cheapest option is the yearly subscription as it will save you £80 compared to a monthly subscription for a year. However the monthly subscription is very cheap compared to other sites for what you get and at just £14.99 it means you can stop and start whenever you want.

The daily option is ideal for people who are going out racing for the day and just want access to the NAP list, back tips from the Members Tips or just the Killer Lays. However it is better if you have been a member previously and know your way around the site first as there is a lot to see and read if you want to!

Therefore if you do want to trial us out for a month we have the £9.99 option which is ideal for you to get to know the system, access the system statistics and find out which systems suit your needs before moving on to a monthly or yearly subscription.

Get a yearly membership for only £99.99 per year (subscription)

Or get a monthly membership for only £14.99 per month (subscription)

Try us out for a whole month for only £9.99! (only one trial per user!)

Just buy today's tips for only £3.99 - use up your PayPal pennies and make some money!