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Site History

UK Horse Racing Tipster Site History

By The UK Horse Racing Tipster

My day job is a computer programmer and throughout the last 3 years I have been involved in developing some well known horse racing sites online such as, and

Some of these websites have been for ex-Bookies who have become tipsters or operations linked to well known horse racing trainers from the UK and Ireland who give reports on their own runners each day as well as letting their members become part owners of their own racehorses such as

I remember the first site I did in 2009. I was excited at being offered the opportunity to use the data from the site in an “automated betting system” and I dreamed of  a purely automated betting system that could make me money whilst I sipped a cold beer in the Bahamas.

I spent ages writing code all through the night and at weekends. Back-fitting statistics to “prove” systems with a high ROI and success rate – something many “tipsters” still do to sell their system to their members.

The concept of “value”was completely lost on me for at least a year as I tried out system after system in the local bookies handing over hundreds of pounds each week only to win some and lose most days.

All gamblers have been there when we have just won a load of money on a race and instead of walking out the bookies or keeping the profit to spend on things we want we chose to place “just one more bet” that always seems to end up losing. I have lost count of the times I have made a chunk of money from a high priced winner and then decided to have “one extra bet” instead of walking away when I should have.

This is the primary reason why I wanted to keep my own hands away from the decision making and let a brain far cleverer than myself make the decisions. I also wanted to make a system that would work whether I was awake or not, in hospital or in bed, on holiday or at work.

I wanted a system that would place the right bets without me having to tell it what to do and for good reasons.

One day I had written down in the morning a 5 horse accumulator that would have netted me roughly £200,000 if all the horses had won. Guess what – they did!

However my boss called me in for a “quick chat” before I could get down the bookies at lunch time and I missed the first two horses. Gutted wasn’t the word!

Another time I remember developing an accumulator based system that was basically a 7 horse accumulator with 12 horses (this equates to 792 combinations or bets at 2p) plus a 4 horse horse accumulator (495  combinations at 1p) which adds up to roughly £20.

I remember on the second or third day of trying this method I actually managed to get 8 winners out of my 12 picks. Even though in my mind I thought I would be in the money I left the bookies pretty annoyed off with my total winnings of just under a £100 and scrubbed that idea – the bookie always wins as they say.

I may have just got an 8 horse accumulator right but the prices combined with the stakes just made the £80 profit seem like a waste.

So I changed my goal from using other peoples knowledge to select my bets and place them manually to creating an automated betting system that used Betfair’s API to analyse races and runners and place the right bets for me. My ultimate holy grail was to make a 100% automated, self correcting, artificial intelligence based betting system that could predict the runners to place bets on and leave my meddling fingers out of it.

A foolish and unachievable task you may think and during the beginning it seemed like an impossible dream. However it has been a lot of work but I am near the end of this journey despite what some people might believe.

Betfair may keep throwing the odd spanner in the work like suddenly deciding to rewrite their whole API in another format but the “BRAIN” which produces the bets and decides which bets my BOT places is finished and is written in a language that doesn’t change so even if my own AutoBOTS front end needs work the selection side of things is locked down tight!

My ultimate aim is to create some sort of investment system in which people could put in a certain amount of money and combined with all the other members money would be used to place bigger and more profitable bets that then have the profits shared equally (by investment size obviously) on a regular basis.

However until that time comes I can only share a selection of my AutoBOT’s bet selections every day for both visitors to the site (see the free bets or sign up to the newsletter) or the full selection across all viable systems to subscribing members who can just place all the bets of the systems they are following in the manner they want, whether it be down the Bookies or on an exchange like Betfair or BETDAQ.

Luckily for me over the years I have had the fortune to pick the brains of a number of bookies and professional gamblers to find out the details of their own systems.

Whether they realised it or not their brains were just one big computer system and they always went through a specific process when picking horses to back or lay. All I have done is transfer these systems into a computerised form that I could make use of it automatically with an automatic process to check how well the systems are doing and change the parameters if needed.

Each night this massive computer system churns over the stats including the day just gone and then it spends it’s time working out new systems as well as calculating potential profits from existing ones.

As you can see on my Join Now page I have over 450 systems and counting and over 200 with a Return on Profit that is above £0 both over a rolling 30 and 100 days.

At the moment the system uses a BOT I developed myself using Betfairs API that is written in C#, uses an MS SQL database and a Windows Service that sits on my PC placing bets, withdrawing profits and checking prices.

I call this the AutoBOT and it has numerous safety mechanisms which stop it betting once a certain amount of profit has been made OR a specified amount has been lost. In fact I have spent just as much time writing these safety mechanisms as I have on working out the betting systems.

It also keeps safe a chunk of any profit made from winnings to place in a “safe keeping” pot – never to be spent on betting again. This pot is built up over time and then the money can be withdrawn like a dividend from an investment scheme to be enjoyed. No point in making money if you waste your profits!

Anyone considering writing their own betting BOT would be advised to do the same and I will hopefully be adding code example to this site for members who are also programmers who are interested in making their own BOT for Betting on Betfair.

Some people on Twitter have called Automatic Betting stupid, but I tend to let my betting bank speak for itself.

Just to prove it could be done and that my tips were worth following I tested the system out for free by putting up free horse racing tips based on my systems on every day for a year ranging from 2011 to 2012 and you can still get some free bets from my BOT ( a mere selection ) on an existing automated blog at

Also if you read this article you will see that anyone who had followed all my tips across all systems from June 2012 to Feb 2013 at £10 stakes would have made over £37,000!

  • Therefore this system does work!
  • It does return profit if you follow it correctly!
  • And it has made a lot of people very happy with the profits they have made!

People like:


John Beckonsdale (see comment)
I only did 20 of the bets as I didn’t have the bank to do them all but luckily I got 20 winning LAY bets and made £200!


Dave J Williams (see comment)
Thanks for these LAY tips! Made a nice little packet on Betfair today with the LAY betting.

Luckily I read your comment about the 2.45 at Gowran Park and decided to do a Forecast and got them the right way round!

Keep up the good work

Joe Peterson (see comment)
Thanks for that place TRIPLE.

Put a £50 on it and got back just under £180. Almost did a WIN Triple but luckily I chose a PLACE triple on BetDaq. I owe you a beer.


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