Real Testimonials

Now the site has been running for over a year I actually have some testimonials to put up from the members who have paid to join.


Cecilia Sale

Cheers for your tips, I’ve been on for just 3 months but have managed to triple my betting banks with some of thre lay systems. As long as it keeps making me money I’ll be a e member!

Danny Smith

Thanks for your site, I have been on here for just over a year now since you started and have decided after much playing around to stick with the lay multiple runners systems and the weak favourites (where there are 2+ runners at 10/1 or under opposing the favourites). I have managed to have made just over £6,000 this year so hopefully next year will be better!

Keep it up as you’re doing all right!

Instead of boring you with fake testimonials that anyone could make up I thought instead I would just give you links to the free blog and Twitter account I was trialing my systems on before I created this site.

These are all 100% real tweets and comments that I have received over at http://ukhorseracingstar.blogspot.co.uk/ as well as the still functional Twitter account @horseraceinfo.



John Beckonsdale

I only did 20 of the bets as I didn’t have the bank to do them all but luckily I got 20 winning LAY bets and made £200!




Thanks for posting your tips for free. I’ve been scammed so much by online tipsters charging £30 – £50 a month for tips that ita nice to see someone post tips that actually win money regularly for free.

Danny Williams

Thanks for making me lots of wonga today! I think I should be following this blog more often :)


I just have to say – thanks for another full house of winners! For someone who claims not to be a horse racing expert you sure are putting some of these other “tipsters” to shame.

Keep up the good work!


Dave J Williams

Thanks for these LAY tips! Made a nice little packet on Betfair today with the LAY betting.

Luckily I read your comment about the 2.45 at Gowran Park and decided to do a Forecast and got them the right way round!

Keep up the good work

Joe Peterson

Thanks for that place TRIPLE.

Put a £50 on it and got back just under £180. Almost did a WIN Triple but luckily I chose a PLACE triple on BetDaq. I owe you a beer.


Danny Williams

thanks for the place double and the win on Salsify which I got a nice price of 8/1 on Betfair!

Shame Long Run didn’t make it 2 out of 2 wins but the place double made up for it.

Just debating now whether or not to follow your LAY tips for later!


Dave Smedley

Thanks for doing this free tips blog I’ve won some nice money following your tips. Keep up the good work!



Don Williams

Thank you for your free tips and blog

I have been following your lays (weak favs and the longer ones) and I have made a pretty packet in doing so.

I’m glad you had a good day!

Thanks keep up the good work




Ta ur tips r top 4 the high banking layers. Thanks!




Outstanding selection. French 15 came second. I played and made money. Thank you very much. keep it up.


Awesome Selections. played place on May be for 30/100. Thanks a lot. Keep it up


Tweets – that I could find quickly.

@HorseRaceInfo been following you this week great profits from your lays and accumilator many thanks

@HorseRaceInfo wiv site givin out 2 wins, 1 lay & 6th step of multi day accumulator on

@HorseRaceInfo does it again with a clean sweep of 4 wins over at bit.ly/AcUIzz & even more wins ovr at bit.ly/zSUURp #racing

Glad I followed @HorseRaceInfo blog as on #betfair u cud get some silly prices on the win/place Market 4 Cloudy Lane 12.00 win price I got!

@HorseRaceInfo does it again wiv another 5 out of 5 LAY wins on bit.ly/HIzwNy bit.ly/HIzwNy #HorseRscing #TIPS #TIPSTER

Another good day on @HorseRaceInfo wiv site givin out 2 wins, 1 lay & 6th step of multi day accumulator on ukhorseracingstar.blogspot.com

glad 2 b following the free #TIPS on @HorseRaceInfo free blog as another 3 lays come in along with a win & onto day 9 of the mulit day bet!

@HorseRaceInfo had another good day wiv 5 wins & all 3 lays winning chk it out 4 free #racing #tips

@HorseRaceInfo had a 100% win rate yesterday wins, doubles, triples & 4 lay bets check his account & site out 4 free #tips each day

From the UK Horse Racing Tipster website plus emails recieved from members and users.

Just after I appeared in the top 4 tipsters for the 2nd month running and had come 8th in an international tipping competition held by www.fromthestables.com


You should get your tips proofed by the Racing Post your doing better than most of the other tipsters here including some Racing Post tipsters. It’s easy to do.

Danny Smith


Glad to see your in the top 3 AND with a profit unlike the no 2 spot.

Jack Wellington

From an email

Just want to say thanks

PS I’m having a good day with your lays so far today, even though 2 (that I’ve laid) have won. Let’s just hope this run continues for the rest of the day.

Paul Reed


Just want to say thank you for this site.

I managed to make a nice wedge over the last 30 days following (or rather ignoring) your advice and betting on all tips fro m all the systems some days. I know I should be sticking to a few at most but when you had the run of 8 days straight I was lucky enough to be on it. Made a bit of a loss since but still up overall in total.

Glad you have added the NAPS and send the tips by emails now as well.

Johnny Heron


Just want to say thanks for making me some money last month.

I have to say for £100 for a years subscription you are probably shooting yourself in the foot regarding the amount of money you could be making but fair play to you. I’ve mae my yearly subscription back x 10 already.


Jack Wellington


Thanks for all your help today with my registration. It’s rare to find a site where the administrators are so willing to help a new member sign up and answer any questions I had.

Your guide to which systems to follow has really helped me as well and I made over £150 on my first day following the systems you listed.


Jack Peacock


Another great month! Thanks for the tips. I have been using your Members Extra Tips for backing and made a nice little packet – especially today with Bobs Worth, Big Buck’s, Green Flag, Red Rocco.

Then I use your members only lay tips for making real money. I would advise starting with a bank of at least £500+ for laying multiple runners and then any high priced tip you don’t like the look of (too risky ) I always put on a higher back bet and hope it gets matched – better if the prices in the BACK/LAY columns are not too far apart to get a trade but when the lay runner is too high priced it’s only rarely you will lose out on it – espcially with short priced or odds on favourites.

Well worth doing!

Johnny Heron


I’m glad I stuck out the full month I made over £500 in profit doing the lays at low prices.

Didn’t want to risk it unless it was a con but the tips are the proof and if you can prepare yourself to have a nice bank then big profits are definitely there to be had.

I will be increasing my stakes this month!

Jon Peters


Thanks for these tips they really helped especially the links on trading.

Johnny Heron


My recommendation to anyone considering this site is to join with at least a bank on Betfair of £500 and then use three or four of the lay multiple runners in a race systems as they seem to crop up almost every day on the site and from my own experience you can make good money from laying more than one horse per race as long as you are prepared for the odd day where you will get a stinker of a 20/1 winner come in – however that is always going to be mitigated by the winnings from the other laid horses within the race.

Whereas with one single lay per race e.g a weak favourite gives you low risk it also gives you low returns plus a lower strike rate.

Laying multiple runners in the same race is the way to go and for some reason this AutoBOT he bangs on about seems to regularly pick the right horses to lay but you will need a big enough bank and the bottle to start off doing it. If you can get those two things together then you can make big bucks.

Ben Phillips


Hi there,

I played todays place bets and have some wins…


What can I say goid strike rate had some nice winners, you must give the owner a go.

Free tips and a paying services

Well done to the owner of the site.


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