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Why This Site?

Why should you join the UK Horse Racing Tipster website?

By The UK Horse Racing Tipster

You might be asking yourself why you should join UK Horse Racing Tipster when there are plenty of other Horse Racing Tipping sites out there trying to get their hands on your hard-earned cash for their own tips?

Well to convince you to join my site I am not going to do the usual method of giving you a long one badly formatted page of bright coloured false claims and lies.

I am sure you all know the sites and pages I mean. They all seem to be copied from a standard direct marketing template and the further you read the price of membership gets less and less and freebies that cost nothing such as e-books are thrown in to convince you to join. They usually consist of a single page and use Clickbank to offer 60 day refunds whilst pretending it's their own choice to do so.

If you really want to be persuaded by getting your hands on some free e-books that have been thrown in as "bonus" offers or fooled by price cuts that never existed, all because the original price was set 5 times as much as the site was planning on selling the product for anyway, then I'm afraid I cannot offer you such wondrous riches!

However I am pretty sure you could find any of the e-books these sites are offering with a quick Google search if you really wanted to!


So how will you convince me to join?

Well as I am not a sales person all I can tell you is that if you like horse racing and like betting on the exchanges like Betfair plus you can spend the necessary time reading the articles and statistical reports I tell new members too, then I can literally guarantee you regular returns on investment.

However that is ONLY if you can stick 100% to the rules I advise all my members to follow!

Even if you like back betting (Win or Place) I provide dozens of systems for you as well, including a daily NAP list compiled from some of the best NAP tipsters around including 12 of them who work purely for this site alone.

Also unlike other betting sites that have a single system all my members get access to 4 products including the Members Tips which are sent out by email plus the Members Extra Tips, Daily NAP List and The Killer LAYS which you must visit the site and login to see.

However in all my time betting for money I have found that lay and place betting are the most profitable methods to making money, and by trading your bets it increases the potential for daily profits immensely.

Therefore as I am mainly aiming at LAY and PLACE betting I use the exchange markets on Betfair to get my prices and would advise anyone joining the site to do the same.

New members have over 530+ systems to pick from.

However what I do is only select tips from systems that have been having a successful run over the last 30 days by checking the systems ROI. If the system is not generating an ROI above 5% the tips from that system won't be given out. On average about 10-20 systems are available each day in the main members tips section that will be emailed out to you each day.

Even my free daily tips are doing very well with an average of 6.5 winning systems a day. I post and email these tips to subscribers every day as I do with the members only tips.

The free tips are a combination of NAPS from 3 of our sites own tipsters plus randomly picked LAY, WIN, PLACE and PLACE Accumulator bets from successful systems each day.

You can subscribe here to get free horse racing tips by email.

You can take them or leave them but I am not going to give you any of the following cons you will read on any of these other tipping sites.

These are actual quotes (with a bit of added sarcasm) that I have seen recently on tipster membership sites whilst writing this article.

Remember I am not offering any of these!

1. I am only offering this deal to a select number of people so be quick and sign up now so that you don't miss the opportunity of a lifetime!

2. Look at me now.  I used to have a 9 to 5 desk job, hate getting up in the morning and going to work but now after coming up with this unique betting strategy that none of the other millions of gamblers over the years hadn't even thought off  I now spend my days driving Ferrari's, dating super models and throwing fifty pound notes out the window!

3. The clock is ticking - after 4 days, 1 week or 2 hours the offer ends. If you don't sign up before the countdown stops you have missed out. There is only a limited number of places in my system left and if you don't sign up within the next hour you will have missed your chance of untold riches. Please just ignore anything that has a timer in the corner counting down to 0 as in 100% of cases it doesn't matter if the time runs out as the clock will just reset and start again. If you want proof, wait until the clock hits 0 and then refresh the page (CTRL + F5)!

4. I promise to make you a million pounds in a year if you just follow my tips to the letter. Think I am kidding? Honestly these types of sales pitches exist and I read one only a day before writing this!

5. I will keep reducing the price of the membership the further down the page you read. It will start at £100 then get to £50 by halfway and then if you manage to read all the way to the bottom I will show you what an honest, kind, caring person I am by offering you the deal for a mere £30 per month. Plus just because I'm that sort of guy who loves showing how nice and honest I am I will throw in a number of free gifts. Gifts that obviously cost nothing like e-books or coupons and all of these gifts will be found on the Internet for free anyway!

6. I will send you email after email every day saying how many bets were won yesterday and how their profits are currently +3o points or have a £700+ profit so far this month (at £100 stakes per point of course).

An email I regularly receive (almost every day - and always a different tipping service) goes like this:

Hi [NAME],

I don't want you to miss out on this very profitable offer, It really is the one we have all been waiting for, get your resignation letters ready now!

Guess what we won yet another 3 win bets yesterday.

In the last 2 days we have picked up 4 winners from 7 bets for 7.19pts profit.

That's £719.00 PROFIT! to level £100 stakes. (yes of course all new members will bet £100 per point before they know how good the tips are)

The price is only £4.99 at the moment but because so many people are joining they are putting the price up for every 100 members who join (oh that trick again) so get in whilst you can and don't miss this fabulous opportunity.

See you on the inside and next year in the Bahamas!

(Yes of course we all will!)

Remember I am not offering you any of those pie in the sky fantasies and quick riches.

They just don't exist in the real world and PLEASE DON'T believe any tipping site that says they do.


Well what are you offering me?

What I am going to offer you though is some core facts about horse racing and tell you a bit about myself so that hopefully you will take me up on my offer.

1. I have worked on a number of the biggest horse racing and tip related sites online at the present time (7 racing sites and counting).

My full-time job is a web developer. I am not an ex bookie, a stable hand with inside knowledge to sell, or a bent trainer selling tips for horses that have been kept back for certain races. I am a computer programmer with a love of horse racing and I have combined the two to create this website and my AutoBOT.

I have taken all the knowledge gained from working alongside top UK trainers, ex bookmakers and current successful tipsters to devise my own personal rating system which is at the core of my system and used to rate each runner every day.

For example for Frankel's last race he had a rating of 1782 whereas most horses competing in a Maiden have a rating below 200 and for horses who have never run before the ranking has to be based purely on the horses breeding, the jockey and trainer and how well they have been performing, the draw, course bias, other runners in the race and other factors beside horse performance.

2. I have spent the last 3 years developing an automated betting system that works!

I don't have time to read the racing post every morning and scan the form, I still have a day job!

Therefore I have combined my 20 years of computer experience and my knowledge of horse racing to create a computer system to do it all for me. I take the days runners and races, analyse them to look for trends that benefit certain runners, jockeys and trainers over others e.g past performance on going, courses and distances (plus  a lot more). Then I use my custom ranking system to give each runner an overall score (for the length of their racing career) as well as a more recent score (taken over the last 3 months they have raced). I then match each runner to over 520 different systems I have created (and constantly create) to find those with value worth betting on.

3. I currently have 554 systems that I have personally developed (counting on the 3rd Feb 2015)

They break down like this:

  • 330 LAY Systems.
  • 109 PLACE Systems.
  • 115 WIN Systems. 

Every day I only pick systems which are proven to have high Return on Investments and depending on the betting bank and the type of bet I will set a minimum price to take to keep the system profitable.

If for instance I lost 3 in a row the minimum price I would accept on the 4th bet would have gone up 3 times from the first losing bet so that if it wins I am in profit again. This is why you might not see certain types of bet on the site every day and sometimes if a certain system is on a losing streak it might take a while to get profitable again and appear on the tips page.

I have systems for all types of gamblers. From those that like to place accumulators in betting shops to those that like to LAY on Betfair.

I have lay bets that target weak favourites, low priced runners, high priced runners, certain trainers, certain types of courses and jockeys and trainers with low strike rates. I also have systems that target good horses, combining tipster information with inside knowledge from trainers and other information. When one of these favourites runs it usually wins.

I have even developed my own Betting BOT which allows me to put on PLACE Accumulators and Multi Day WIN or PLACE Accumulators - this is the mighty AutoBOT.

You can even follow it on Twitter at @UKAutoBOT.

Please also remember some basic facts about horse racing:

  • It is easier to pick losers than winners.
  • 1 in 3 favourites win their race. That means 2 in 3 lose!
  • 1 in 2 odds on favourites win their race. That means half lose.
  • The majority of horses are going to lose therefore laying multiple runners per race is a profitable angle even if roughly 2 horses with SP's over 25/1 win each day in the UK.
  • If you can find those situations in which favourites are more likely to lose then there is profit to be made laying favourites at low risk.
  • Certain courses favour favourites more than others, as well as distances and going conditions. You can view these statistics on the Favourite Win/Place/Lay Bias pages under the Horse Racing menu item.
  • When you lay more than one horse per race even if one of your selections win your loss is minimised (and often negated) by the profit made from the other losing selections. If you can manage to lay all the runners and an odds on favourite wins then just imagine how much money you could make from a 16 runner race.
  • If you want to earn your money safely then "Trading" your bets is the way to go. Whether you LAY or BACK first you can always construct your opposing second bet so that whatever the outcome of the race a profit can be made if both bets are matched.
  • If you want to make a slow steady profit then multi day place accumulators are one way in which you can string 10 to 20 bets together in the PLACE markets on Betfair to make a good return on investment.
  • For example if you had actually rolled over a multi day place accumulator on every race that only Frankel, Big Buck's, Hurricane Fly and Camelot raced between September 2011 and September 2012 you would have made just under 200% ROI with a 100% strike rate. Depending on your initial stake this could be £4 or £10,000 but 200% ROI is better than most ISA's and saving accounts that offer 2-4% a year at the moment!

If you sign up with me I will be offering you a daily selection of tips that range from WIN singles to PLACE TRIPLES and LAYS.

HOWEVER I cannot promise bets of a certain type each day as the BRAIN will only pick a selection if matches a system that has a profitable ROI over the last 30 days.

It is up to you which bets you follow but I only want to offer this service to people who will follow the tips to the letter.

This is important as I don't want complaints from people who pick and chose the bets and then complain when they have lost money at the end of the month because they chose not to follow the tips on a number of days or followed tips when they shouldn't have.

For instance I will put comments next to each tip such as (fav) or (not fav) or (price < 5) and you should only place a bet on the horse if those factors are correct.

Remember sods law states that the one day you don't follow a tip is the day that a 5 horse accumulator comes in and would have won you thousands!

This has happened to me before and lady luck kicked me squarely in the nuts that day when my boss just wanted a quick word on my way to the bookies and I missed placing the first 2 high priced runners out of the 5 winning horses I had on my list. I ended up with a measly TRIPLE instead of 200k!

From that day on I used computers to bet with, that was the start of the AutoBOT!

However if you can pick your own selections and make regular money from your own tips then fair play this system is not for you. Just carry on with what you're obviously doing so well already. I congratulate you on being successful at making money from betting on the horses.



If you can't pick your own winning selections regularly,


You haven't been making regular profits lately and want someone else to do all the hard graft of picking out the tips - then this site is for you!


For the Betfair punters who want something different I offer lays, place doubles, place triples, place accumulators and trade bets.

I also offer a special type of bet which I call the multiple day accumulators. These are safe and slow but guaranteed to make regular profits due to only picking the best horse of the day. This horse may have small odds in the place market but compounded together a string of even just 6 steps can lead to a profitable return.

Remember even if you do place accumulators at prices of 1.15 to 2.00, when they are compounded and added together this can be quite a hefty sum depending on your initial stake. If you decide to ignore the 6 step rule and carry over all your profits (minus initial stake of course) to the next 6 steps then the potential for making big money exists even using a safe system.

As an example I will use a real multi day place accumulator bet that I offered to the readers of my free horse racing tips blog over at

The following table is the list of horses in a 6 horse multi day place accumulator bet placed in 2012 along with the actual prices I managed to get on the Place Market in Betfair plus the return amount I received.

You can see the original blog posting I made about the 6 in a row multi day place accumulator bet paying off here.


Bet Details Pos Price Profit
1 - Primroseandblue - Fairyhouse - 14:05 3rd 1.29 £12.90
2 - Via Archimede - Musselburgh - 14:10 3rd 2.36 £30.44
3 - Long Run - Newbury - 12:40 1st 1.31 £39.88
4 - Balder Success - Ascot - 16:10 1st 1.14 £45.46
5 - Mikael D'haguenet - Navan - 14:20 2nd 1.10 £50.01
6 - Cape Safari - Southwell - 16:40 1st 1.33 £66.51


So this 6 step place accumulator over 6 non consecutive days ended up with a return on investment (ROI) of 565.10% from an initial stake of £10.

If you had staked £100 on your first leg instead you would have ended up with £665.10!

Obviously you could have taken out a percentage on each step, even taking back your initial £10 stake after the 2nd step leaving you with £20.44 (a 200% ROI and your stake back).

The proof is in the pudding as they say.


So why should I join this site and not  one of the others?

You might be asking yourself the following questions right now.

1) Why would you be giving out your tips if you are guaranteed to make money?


2) Why are you charging me for them rather than keeping them to yourself?


To both of those I would say, yes good questions to ask any tipping site and here are my answers:

  • I even give out tips to other sites who have made deals with me such as and constantly get asked to work on new racing sites, usually in return for a percentage of profits that will never appear. Therefore I have started to turn more to my AutoBOT systems and I DO make money for myself. You are basically hanging onto my coattails when you join this site as you will be placing the same bets that are making me money at the moment.
  • I have been testing these systems out for over three years now making regular profits with very small stakes and they have been proven time and again. Due to the lack of a proper "test mode" on Betfair I have had to spend my own money testing my systems out and not only have I lost £400 in one day due to a bug in my code that meant I placed 50 losing lay bets in one race! However I have also have turned £2 into over £200 numerous times using my systems. Therefore I have used my OWN money to test all these systems and don't rely on back fitting to prove they work. However unless I have funding (and believe me I am saving up as well as trying to get venture capitalist funding) I cannot fill my account up with a twenty grand and just leave it there to make money. Despite this I have a well funded Betfair account and can regularly withdraw a couple of hundred pounds when I need to making it back in hardly any time at all.
  • I gave my tips away for free from 2011 to 2012 to prove they worked and if you don't believe me or my statistics then you can check out my free blog and view all the historical free tips I posted over that period. If I didn't believe in my tips I wouldn't have given a selection of them away for free each day for a year. I still give some free tips away to this blog each day just for fun and you can follow them if you want to.


So come on what you waiting for?

Why pay £50 a month for horse racing tips that may or may not make you money when you know and I know that if you have the money to spend on professional tipsters then you probably have the money to spend lay betting properly on the exchanges.

If you don't use Betfair or haven't a clue about Lay betting then don't worry.

My betting management system comes with a guide on lay betting using Betfair and includes a free £30 bet at Betfair to get you started.

I also have daily free tips AND my own Extra Members Tips to complement the Members Only Tips as well as the Daily NAP List with NAPs from over 64 tipsters. Plus my Killer Lay System which aims to tackle weak favourites and low risk runners.

Therefore when you join the site you are getting 4 products for a single price!

I also list tweets containing tips and the horse racing news pages contain tips from all the big racing papers.

If Betfair isn't your thing you can get free bets from a single £1 up to a matched £200 and you should regularly check out my latest bet offers page for these special offers and my cheap betting offers page for some offers which don't require much money.

Also keep an eye out for my "Special Bet Offers" which will sometimes appear on the front page with a link to more details. Some of these offers are very time limited like Coral's last 1/1 offer on The New One which was only available for 15 minutes before the race but let everyone get a free £25 if they bet £25.

Some of the standard bet offers include the following:

Get a free Sky Bet of £20 for joining, plus free bets of £5 each week as long as you bet £25 each week or more.

Join SkyBet and get a free £20 bet and free £5 bets each week

Join BetFred and start betting from a £1. They will match you up to £25!

Just join and they will match your first bet from anywhere between £1 and £25. So bet £15 and they will give you £15!

Join BetFred and bet with as little as £1 which will be matched up to £25

Get £25 for depositing £25 with ToteSport

Just sign up, deposit £25 and get a free £25 bet.

Join ToteSport and get a £25 bet for depositing and betting £25

Sign up to Betfair and get a free £30 deposit after you have bet £30 on a horse within a few days of joining.

Win or lose they will add the money to your account.

Join Betfair and get up to £30 refund on your first bet

Get a free £20 bet at Coral for just betting £5 with this link.

Join Coral and get a free £20 bet for only betting £5!

Get up to £50 from Ladbrokes with you first bet.

Join Ladbrokes and they will match you first bet up to £50!

You can claim up to £88 in free bets from 888bet with this link:

Join 888Bet and get up to £88 in free bets

Or you can get a massive £200 in free betting offers from Bet365 with this link.

Join Bet365 and gain up to £200 in free bets

It is then up to you whether you take those tips on board or not.

I also offer you a special UK Horse Racing Tipster only promo code for another site I have worked on that will offer you inside information from UK and Irish race trainers as well as top tipsters. For the gambler who wants as much information as possible before placing a bet this can be invaluable data.

So if you want to earn regular profits without the lies and false promises of "I can make you a millionaire within a year" then why not try me out for a week or two.

Don't worry, I know times are hard and I am not going to charge as much as all the other online tipsters do.

Also if you don't have a big enough bank for laying long priced selections relax as not only do I provide "high roller" lay tips but I also target weak favourites with determined accuracy.

I have lay bets for high rollers who can handle the odd 40/1 loss as well as the 1/2 odds on bets for more cautious gamblers.

In fact my computer generated system has identified weak favourites that have had Betfair Lay Prices of 2.5 or less and have lost their races 77% of times.

These gems are far and few between but have a high Return On Investment.

I also provide you will regular analysis of trainer and jockey combinations that are performing well and other betting systems based around football and tennis. You can read some of the analysis I have done here.

If you decide you want to join the UK Horse Racing Tipster website then you have a choice of membership options from the 1 month trial to the "day pass" or monthly and yearly subscription options. The longer you subscribe for the cheaper your membership becomes for example:

A 12 month monthly membership at £14.99 is £179.88.

A yearly subscription membership at £99.99 will save you almost £80.

If you are someone who cannot go a day without making a bet then I would advise you now to go to one of those dodgy one page betting sites.

However if you are willing to only bet when all the stars have aligned correctly in the sky then this is a site with multiple ways to make continuous profits from gambling with minimal risk.

So for only £9.99 you can get one month's trial (1 trial allowed per user!)

Or you can subscribe in 3 different ways:

  • You can buy a days worth of tips for just £3.99! This is ideal for those weekend punters or people who just want to buy tips when they need them or for people wanting to read all my articles on trading or risk management.
  • You can subscribe for a month at a time for £14.99.
  • You can subscribe for a whole year for only £99.99, a saving of £80 over the monthly subscriptions!

So you can see I offer very competitive prices compared to other tipster sites and you can join UK Horse Racing Tipster now to access the hundreds of systems my "BRAIN" has come up with.


Sign up now and get the tips and money come rolling in.

Read more about the system on the My Membership Options Page or just choose a membership that suits your bank balance and needs.

Before signing up to any of our subscription services you must please read the Terms & Conditions page to ensure you comply with them all.

You will be asked to tick boxes to confirm you have read the Terms and Conditions page when you sign up so by doing this you are confirming that you are happy to comply with all of these conditions.

I know people don't like reading long-winded technical or legal blurb but these pages are for your own benefit and if you tick the boxes without reading and then commit one of the acts that can lead to your subscription being removed (section 6 - security) it will be your own fault for not reading and then breaching them.

Also please read the guide on how to register so that you know what steps you need to go through when signing up.

Plus you need to be aware that we have a fully comprehensive FAQ and Help guide which covers all kinds of issues and solutions you might come across with the site.

This includes a technical test to ensure you are doing everything correctly and to check that your computer is set up correctly and compatible with this site.

Also please remember I cannot provide 24 hour support and do take holidays!

The system registration process works as long as you follow the steps.

Therefore please read this guide on how to register before doing it so that you know what you need to do. The key things to remember are:

  • If you have already paid for membership on this site, whether for a days access or a trial you are still a user so if you want to upgrade or pay again for another day you login with the same user details you used when you first joined.
  • You pay for the membership you want on PayPal using the buttons below.
  • You register your details.
  • You confirm your registration email by clicking the link in it. Check your trash/junk box if you cannot find it. This will bring you back to the site.
  • Then complete your user account details on the site.
  • Claim your free bets and fill up your betting bank. Why waste your own money when you can use the bookmakers?

Please read this guide on how to register before signing up so that you know what you need to do and in what order e.g:

  • Pay as a new member OR Login and upgrade using the Change Membership page under the Members menu if you have already been a member on the site (at any time - use the lost login link if you have forgotten your details), this counts even for a trial/day pass!
  • Register
  • Confirm Registration Email (after checking your Junk/Trash)
  • Sign in and get your free bets

Also remember there is a comprehensive FAQ and Help guide and you just need to use the I Need Help page to get the correct help for your problem.

I would also 100% recommend trialing the site for a month before dipping in and out for days tips as there is a lot of information to get your head round when you join. Therefore a day might not be enough to analyse the systems and pick those you want to follow etc.


Here are the Membership Options for UK Horse Racing Tipster

Unlike other betting sites all members get access to 4 products including the Members Tips which are sent out by email plus the Members Extra Tips, Daily NAP List and The Killer LAYS which you must visit the site and login to see.

The cheapest option is the yearly subscription as it will save you £80 compared to a monthly subscription for a year. However the monthly subscription is very cheap compared to other sites for what you get and at just £14.99 it means you can stop and start whenever you want.

The daily option is ideal for people who are going out racing for the day and just want access to the NAP list, back tips from the Members Tips or just the Killer Lays. However it is better if you have been a member previously and know your way around the site first as there is a lot to see and read if you want to!

Therefore if you do want to trial us out for a month we have the £9.99 option which is ideal for you to get to know the system, access the system statistics and find out which systems suit your needs before moving on to a monthly or yearly subscription.

Get a yearly membership for only £99.99 a year

Or get a monthly membership for only £14.99 a month

Try us out for a whole month for only £9.99! (only one trial per user!)

Just buy today's tips for only £3.99 - use up your PayPal pennies and make some money!