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Top Systems, New Features and New Pricing!

Top Systems, New Features and New Pricing!

By The UK Horse Racing Tipster

If you have been on the site recently you will know I have a new system out for members called Killer Lay Tips.

I was going to make this a separate part of the site for people only wanting lay tips but then I thought, why should existing members miss out.

Therefore I added this system to the selection of services a paying member now gets along with the Member Tips which get sent out by email, the daily NAP list and the Members Extra Tips which any paying member can access on the site once they have logged in.

If you follow me on Twitter at @ukhorseracetips then you will get a Tweet when the posts go live but usually they all will go on to the site around 11am to 12am.

The only exception is the Killer Lay Tips which I will try to get at least 4 tips for you but if not I will post what I can by 13:00 GMT.

If you want to know the top 5 systems over last year they are below and all based on using £10 stakes.

Remember I have over 550 systems and only those with an ROI > 5% are shown to members each day.

To see the latest top systems check out the bottom part of the home page for the top WIN, PLACE and LAY systems based on ROI and Profit in Pounds over the last 30 days.

Top 5 Systems in 2014

System Name Profit
System LAY 429 £6,563.30
System LAY 442 £4,656.30
System LAY 433 £3,524.90
System PLACE 461 £1,103.30
System PLACE 167 £1,047.10


Other New Features

As well as the new Killer Lay System which aims at favourites and low priced runners to get a low risk profit for members I have also introduced my own daily racecard for members. This allows them to see easily the top ranked horse by my AutoBOT ranking system, the favourite and the top OR ranked runner using coloured rows.

There is also a new section under the Horse Racing News menu which I have been adding new free betting systems such as the Small Stakes, Big Money, Win and Place and In-Play Football systems.

These are all systems I have been using myself to make money and if you have followed me on social media channels you would have seen the time I had 3 days in a row of doubles with the last day a Yankee where 3 horses came in giving us 3 doubles, 3 singles and a Triple.

A new improved newsletter!

I have re-designed both the free tips and members tips emails to look a lot better.

If you don't see any images at the top or to the right then make sure you allow remote content to be shown in your email client (Thunderbird/Gmail etc). I hope you like the look of the email and please take advantage of the free bet offers down the right hand side.

Also I know there have been some issues with the unsubscribe option on the free tips email which was down to browsers stopping a certain piece of HTML being run. I hope to have fixed this now so the new looking emails should have working links if you want to leave the service.

New Pricing!

Even though membership to my system offers you 4 distinct services:

  • The Members Tips (only picked from systems with an ROI > 5%) - On Site and Emailed!
  • The Members Extra Tips - On Site Only!
  • The Daily NAP List - On Site Only!
  • The Killer Lay Tips - On Site Only!
  • Plus a custom race card, articles on trading, free systems and world wide news!

It seems as if the web is swamped with cheap betting services at the moment and everyone wants to find that magic system that will make them a millionaire for peanuts per month. Therefore I am lowering my prices to stay competitive and when you think about the products I am offering you can see how much you are getting for your money.

So for 2015 I am offering you the following:

  • A years membership for just £99.99
  • A months membership for just £14.99
  • A months trial for just £9.99
  • A day pass for just £3.99

Here are the Membership Options for UK Horse Racing Tipster

Unlike other betting sites all members get access to 4 products including the Members Tips which are sent out by email plus the Members Extra Tips, Daily NAP List and The Killer LAYS which you must visit the site and login to see.

The cheapest option is the yearly subscription as it will save you £80 compared to a monthly subscription for a year. However the monthly subscription is very cheap compared to other sites for what you get and at just £14.99 it means you can stop and start whenever you want.

The daily option is ideal for people who are going out racing for the day and just want access to the NAP list, back tips from the Members Tips or just the Killer Lays. However it is better if you have been a member previously and know your way around the site first as there is a lot to see and read if you want to!

Therefore if you do want to trial us out for a month we have the £9.99 option which is ideal for you to get to know the system, access the system statistics and find out which systems suit your needs before moving on to a monthly or yearly subscription.

Get a yearly membership for only £99.99 a year

Or get a monthly membership for only £14.99 a month

Try us out for a whole month for only £9.99! (only one trial per user!)

Just buy today's tips for only £3.99 - use up your PayPal pennies and make some money!

With lower prices I hope to attract more members and hopefully we can all enjoy a profitable year together.

So a belated Happy New Year to all my existing members and newsletter subscribers and lets hope for a good 2015!

© 2015 The UK Horse Racing Tipster