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Other Horse Racing Sites

By The UK Horse Racing Tipster

This is a list of other notable horse racing websites that I have either built, have an interest in or provide information for.

From The Stables

From The Stables is the first racing website I developed for a team of people who are heavily connected with trainers from the UK and Ireland. They have both flat and jump trainers working for them and they all provide daily information on their own runners each day. They also have a few tipsters working for them including Ken Pitterson who provides a daily blog feed from the race course he is visiting that day. When you join this site as a member you will also get a promo code for From The Stables which will give you extra days in your free trial. You might be put off by going through PayPal but money is only deducted after the trial is over

UK Horse Racing AutoBOT

This is my automated horse racing tips blog that is full of win, lay, place and accumulator tips each day. They are all automatically selected by random from the selection of betting tips my AutoBOT comes up for me each day.

The tips are free to use and have provided many winners over the years the site has been running.

UK Horse Racing Star

This was my first free horse racing tips blog and it was precursor to this site. I tested my tips and systems out over the year the site was running for so I could be sure the systems I provide to members on UK Horse Racing Tipster work.

The site is still going and has a number of good articles on it especially for people wanting to run their own racing sites including guides on increasing your SEO (search engine rank), getting your bookmakers affiliate links in one place so that you don’t have to go hunting for them yourself. Plus I still post articles there especially for big races or festivals or when I think there is a good betting offer to be had.

Mathematician Betting

This is a great racing tips site and one I had followed for ages. It uses detailed maths and historical analysis to predict winners, something I have basically replicated with my own AutoBOT computer system that constantly analyses race trends and comes up with new systems.

False Favourites

This is a great site that has a forum where there are various free threads in which lay tips are posted and new systems are tested out.  They have many articles which detail the ideas behind a “false favourite” e.g a favourite who doesn’t deserve to be or one with a high probability of being beaten in the race.

It’s a great site and you can subscribe to their forums and newsletters. There is also a members area which is very affordable.

Value Horse Tips

A value tips racing website. Get paid for tips and tweets for free after the members get them sent by email.

The site aims to provide value to punters by providing the tips as early as possible so that you can obtain the best prices before tipsters drive them all down.

Focus Ratings

Focus Ratings is a ratings service designed to aid you and help you narrow the field so that you can concentrate on the real contenders. Our completely computerised analysis system selects the top three rated horses from each race and sends out the ratings every day at 10:00 a.m.

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