Tuesday, January 22, 2019

From The Stables - A Top Start To 2019!

A Great Start to 2019 for members of From The Stables

By The UK Horse Racing Tipster

The start of the year has been a great one for both my own free tips site over at Facebook.com/ukhorseracingtipster as well as members of my other site From The Stables.

Just in the first month of the year the site has delivered numerous big priced winners and placed tips.

There is too much to write down all the winning reviews, tips, NAPS and on course parade ring tips from Ken Pitterson, but I will give you an overview of how 2019 has started for members of From The Stables.

The first month of the year has been a killer month for the bookies as their tipsters and trainers delivered for our members who have been making money hand over fist by following the top trainer reviews and our daily tips from From The Stables race track tipster, Ken Pitterson.

In the space of a week their on course tipster managed to get a bag full of winners including both NAPS and NB's on consecutive days.

These included the following horses in the middle of January 2019: Star Ascending, Eve Harrington, Top Notch, Hanati, Sharp Response, Themaxwecan, Ribbie Valley, Batteoverdoyen and Chiefofchiefs not to mention all the placed horses which were tipped each way, and horses from the start and end of the month.

Their trainers have also been hitting top form in the first month of 2019 with winning tips that included a great start by Warren Greatrex who had multiple winners in the first month that included Bailarico at 9/1, Dicosimo at 8/1, Printing Dollars at 4/5, Miss Honey Ryder at 9/2, Top Rock Talula at 5/1, Keeper Hill at 5/1, Young Lieutenant at 4/1 and Encore Champs at 6/4, and that's just a few of his wins this month!

On top of that impressive haul they have also had a super priced 66/1 winner with Brendan Powell's My Destiny at Fontwell. If that isn't something to put the Christmas bank accounts back in the black for subscribing members I don't know what is!

As for their other trainers they have had numerous winners including Nicky Richards with My Old Gold, Wot A Shot, Petite Ganache, Ribble Valley and Derriana Spirit. Ben Paulings wins with Global Citizen and The Macon Lugnatic. Kim Bailey with Blazon, Prince Llywelyn and Two For Gold, and of course Andrew Balding has kicked off the year with multiple winners as usual including Spirit Warning, Havana Rocket, Ballyquin and Rectory Road to name just a few.

They have also had many big priced each way placed horses including Charlie Mann with a massive 25/1 placer Ivilnoble, Ben Pauling with Raven's Tower at 16/1 and Towards The Dawn at 10/1.

Jamie Osborne had Rippling Waters at 16/1, Kim Bailey had Agent Memphis at 10/1 and Nicky Richards had Amberose at 8/1 and Teddy Tee at 7/1.

As well as that impressive haul from From The Stables regular trainers their newest trainer to the From The Stables family, Ali Stronge, had Gorham’s Cave placed 2nd at an impressive 14/1!

Therefore as you can see it has been a great start to 2019 for their members as the trainers have been hitting the spot time after time.

If you cannot win with reviews and prices like those then no site can possibly help you win on the horses!

If you would like to join From The Stables for a 20 day trial for just £20 then click this link now!

By The UK Horse Racing Tipster

Sunday, January 20, 2019

From The Stables - Top Racing Reviews and Tips

From The Stables - Top Racing Reviews and Tips

From The Stables is a website I made for a team of people involved intimately with the horse racing industry.

They have on board a number of top NH and Flat trainers as well as tipsters and a blog by top jump jockey Noel Fehily.

The site has been going almost 8 years now and continues to bring members top daily reviews from their trainers as well as NAPS, NB tips from the From The Stables team and a live on track feed where our course tipster provides tips straight from the parade ring to members online.

Our on track tipster Ken Pitterson has been on fire lately with both his NAP and NB tips winning for multiple days in a row.

From the 8th January to the 12th both his NAPS and NB tips won including: Top Notch, Themaxwecan, Sharp Response and Ribbie Valley.

He also tipped a number of horses between the 4th and 16th of January both Each Way and To Win bets that included: Eve Harrington at Southwell who won, Sun Hat at Kempton who came third, Groundunderrepair who came third, First Assignment who came third, Knocknanuss who came second, Batteoverdoyen who won, Chiefofchiefs who won and Bastien who came third to name but a few.

The site also offers members the daily reviews of our trainers which can easily tell you whether they think their runners will lose (good for a LAY bet), or whether they have a good chance of winning.

Trainers include, Andrew Balding, William Knight, Nicky Richards, Jamie Osborne and many more.

Over the years these trainers have provided top winners and at early high prices. For example we had Scorching Heat who won a race at 5/2 SP but was 3/1 when we posted on the website at 11am. We also had Here Comes When who romped home in the 16.05 at 3/1 SP yet he was a huge 12/1 when Andrew Balding advised members to back him when the reviews went live at 11am.

On top of the trainers and on course tipster we have a weekly blog by top jump jockey Noel Fehily who provides excellent information on his own runners as well as other runners in the races he is competing that he thinks have a good chance.

Also members can talk to each other with our own message board and discuss tips, reviews and provide each other with their own information.

From The Stables has been one of the top racing sites for people looking for an inside edge for years now and continues to provide a monthly ROI to subscribing members.

As we like to keep the information to a set number of people to prevent it leaking out and being copied which we vigorously enforce any copyright infringement and instantly ban anyone caught involved re-selling our info, we have to sometimes turn the site off to new member registrations.

However with my own promo codes that cost a tiny amount of money for the service provided you can bypass any turning off of the system by paying a small fee up front for your trial.

We do have many free 5 day trial codes out there but if the site is turned off to new people you won't be able to join.

So if you want to trial the site out take a look at my own codes, and keep abreast of any changes to them on the UK HOT TIPS Website.

The latest top promo codes are UKHORSERACINGTIPSTER2019 code that gives you a full 20 days on the site and UKHORSERACINGTIPSTERSALE which will give you 4 weeks access for just £15!

Use these codes to get used to how the site works and when it merges with www.trainers-quotes.com then you will get access to over 30 trainers from both sites and tips sent out by email and SMS.

You will get all the access full members do until you decide to either cancel before your time is up or carry on subscribing as a full member. This includes:

  • Daily Reviews from our trainers, get to know how trainers talk about their runners and receive daily reviews at 11am.
  • The From The Stables team NAPS and NB tips.
  • Daily tips from From The Stables and our on course tipster Ken Pitterson.
  • Access to Noel Fehily’s weekly blog.
  • The ability to chat to other members in our forum.
Therefore this promo code is the best to use before deciding whether to join the site permanently or cancel and miss out on all the winners.

Click this link now if you want to sign up with the newest longest trial promo code available to the public at this point in time.

You can use any of the non expired promo codes below. Just enter the code in the box on the Subscribe page here.

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Remember codes change all the time and UK HOT TIPS is the place to check out for new codes and special trials as well as codes for tipster competitions we sometimes hold for main festivals likes Cheltenham, Royal Ascot or Aintree.

By The UK Horse Tipster