Saturday, February 15, 2020

2020 Promo Codes For

Top Promo Codes For From The Stables offers members access to a number of race horse trainers daily comments and reviews on their runners chances. These trainers include, Ali Stronge, Ben Pauling, Charlie Longsdon, Charlie Mann, Ian Williams, Kim Bailey, Oliver Sherwood and more.

By joining you will get daily NAPS, NB tips plus our parade ring tipster, Ken Pitterson visits a different course each day and provides live tips from the track, available to members on a live feed page. He also provides his own daily NAPs and tips.

There is also a forum where you can discuss tips and reviews with other members.

If you want to join then here are two promo codes from myself that will give you access to the site. They both have long trial periods for a low fee to let you see how the site works before joining as a full member.

Both codes provide access to the trainers reviews, NAPS and NBs, Kens tips, a live tip feed from the track and access to the forum.

UKHORSERACINGTIPSTER2020 – Initially 20 Days for just £7.99 before a normal monthly subscription of £30 per month.


UKHORSERACINGTIPSTER – Initially 10 Days for just £3 before a normal monthly subscription of £30 per month.


UKHORSERACINGTIPSTERC19  - For those wanting to get back onto the site and making money after the break - just £5.99 for 15 days before a normal monthly subscription of £30 per month.

Both  UKHORSERACINGTIPSTER2020 and UKHORSERACINGTIPSTERC19 expire at the end of 2020.

You can cancel your trial at any time if you want to and if you do so you won’t have to pay the full membership fee when your trial is over.

Check it out and see if the trainer reviews can help you make money, they have had a long period of months with ROI > 0% from their tips,

You can see some reviews from members on their Facebook page here >

Check the site out and join now with my top promo code >


  1. Thanks for the code I got my fill of free winning reviews from 10 days and decided to stay, it's not been a mistake so far.

  2. Thanks for the codes, I have just signed up last week and already making money. Still another week to go on my trial and it only cost less than a tenner!