Tuesday, August 25, 2020

European Cup Finals

Oh The Wonders Of  Betting on European Football

By The UK Horse Racing Tipster

Well the EUROPA League Cup Final didn't go exactly like I wanted it to. Still with the betting tips placed on my facebook.com free tips site you would have made a chunk of cash still despite the Inter & Bayern double I had tipped not coming in.

As with most Same Game Accumulators I always do a side bet on the underdog, the team the bookies have put up as most likely to lose. If the SGA's I want don't come in then you can always plop a nice larger priced bet like this 6.34 Same Game Acca for Sevilla to win the EUROPA League Final.

Also I tipped an odds boost bet on Betfair where you can do these SGA's with ease for Romelu Lukaku and Lucas Ocampos to both have 2 or more shots on target at 10/1 up from 8/1. It came in and added to the Sevilla bet made it a good night despite not being the outcome I wanted.

A nice £100 return from a tenner cannot be scoffed at and as well as the Same Game Acca on Sevilla to win I came out on top despite losing the the WIN DOUBLES I had for Inter and Bayern to both win their cups

Of course we got the two earlier placed bets, tips I has put up before the Bayern Munich v Chelsea second leg, that proved to me that Bayern Munich were the best team in Europe this year.

Despite Bayern only winning 1 0 against PSG.in a not very exciting final I had tipped Bayern to reach the final, win the final and a forecast for Bayern to win and PSG to come 2nd. 

See the green below.

So the Same Game Acca's didn't pay off in the finals, mainly because they were as boring to watch as many finals of International Competitions have been over the years. However the singles came in which made up for it thankfully.

There was nothing more surprising for myself personally, after literally falling asleep during the EUROPA Final, then waking to see Sevilla win and opening Betfair to see an extra few hundred quid in the bank rather than the dent in the wallet I expected. It always pays to do a side bet on the underdog.

When I think back over the years apart from a few games I cannot actually think off the top of my head of a really exciting high goal scoring World Cup or European Cup final.

There is nothing as sad as watching a World Cup final being won by a missed penalty - cough - Italy losing to Brazil in 1994. After a boring game that ended 0-0 after extra time, the cup was won again by Brazil due to the then Italian star player, Roberto Baggio, missing his penalty, shooting it high over the bar. A pretty sad way for Brazil to win yet another World Cup.

Plenty of finals seem to be played so much more cagey and safe compared to previous games and the list of 1-0 wins across major tournament finals must be quite a few. This has been noted and logged for next season, along with the teams that seem to never get over 4 corners a match.

The qualifying matches for the European Cup have already started so these world class players won't be getting much of a rest this summer. Which is why we all love European football so much!

The UEFA Nation League cup games are starting and soon hopefully a normal season, which means unlike the professional tipsters who have done appallingly this Flat Season, that we can make some more decent money on the football from my tips.

Forget the nags for this season I have made more money from LAYING all the tips I get in from Emails and Texts claiming the races are fixed, or big money gambles are on, plus all the short priced favourites these professional tipsters pass on as "Quality Bets" to me each day. I reckon a 90-95% strike rate (honestly), would have been attained by LAYING every professional tipsters tip passed onto me this season.

Let's hope for another exciting build up to the European finals this season, and for some reason I really don't think Liverpool are going to match their winning season again, Man City will probably win it, especially if as rumored Lionel Messi joins them!

Go over to facebook.com/ukhorseracingtipster now and get some free football tips for the UEFA Nations League and always feel free to donate any winnings from "MY" tips over at Paypal.

Any amount would be very much appreciated!


Friday, August 21, 2020

European Cup Finals - And Some Horse Racing

The EUROPA Final and European Championship Final

By The UK Horse Racing Tipster

Well it's been a busy old week with the York Ebor meeting and the final games in the UEFA EUROPA League Cup and the European Championship. With Sevilla set to play Inter Milan and Bayern Munich set to play PSG in their respective finals.

I actually have some bets for these games I will post up here but you should check out the facebook.com/ukhorseracingtipster page for daily free tips on both the horse racing and football.

The Horse Racing

Whilst I have been making my money by placing bets on the European Football, mainly Same Game Accumulators, Win Singles, Win Doubles and Qualifier bets I have not been forgetting the Horse Racing.

Whilst most of the "Professional Tipster" tips I pass on daily have been striking dirt instead of Gold, I have been passing on my tips.

I am not afraid to lump on to a banker like Love who won the Darley Yorkshire Oaks yesterday, or Ghaiyyath from the £££ Trainer and Jockey combo, Charlie Appleby and Wiliam Buick. A great horse who won one of the biggest turf races worldwide now, the Juddmonte International Stakes. I will probably be dutching these two in the Arc next month.

I think if Love or Ghaiyyath goes to the Arc they both have very good chances of beating Enable and Stradivarius. It will be interesting to see which horse Frankie Dettori rides as John Gosden trains both Enable and Stradivarius.

I just have a feeling that if Ryan Moore rides Love in the Arc that he will be contesting the final furlong with Ghaiyyath and not the others. I will probably dutch the ARC between those two and I will select the runners whose prices fit into my custom system that always produces at least 20% profit if one of the dutched runners wins.

Love is a big filly and has long strides, like Stradivarius she just seems to go up a gear and then cruise past opponents with long strides rather than a quickening turn of pace that is so exciting to see with Enable. Whatever happens my favourite race of the year looks set to be a good one.

The Prix de L'Arc de Triomphe Free Tips  

To Win: Love to win, Ghaiyyath to come 2nd (RF or F)
To Place / Each Way: Stadivarious, Enable, Ghaiyyath 
Dutch all if possible: Love, Ghaiyyath, Stadivarious, Enable (in that order), my system will remove any runner with a price that takes the dutch over a 20% ROI. Other calculators might not.

Recent Racing Results

Of course I don't just bet in the big races although with the condensed Flat Season we are having there are Group 1 races every week at the moment and the chance to back some strong horses. Check my Facebook page for any free Horse Racing tips for upcoming races.

Despite the professional tipsters making more money by LAYING their WIN tips than BACKING them, here are just some recent results of my own that I put up on the page. In no particular order, I just skipped over a lot of short priced favourites and place only bets which have come in.


As you can see my tips do come in now and then, however it is odd that I can seem to pick out strong favourites to back and win but the professional tipsters who supposedly live off their betting cannot seem to back a winning favourite if they tried. I tell all my readers to LAY or TRADE any pro tips on short priced favourites. 

We actually had a night the other week where I showed how you can actually in the middle of the night find a low priced favourite and put a BACK bet on Sportsbook at higher odds than the Exchange. Then as soon as you press the "Confirm Bet" button you switch tabs and place a LAY bet at a higher stake and lower liability in the Exchange.

You have the whole day to get the LAY bet matched and if it's a favourite it has a good chance of winning anyway even if the LAY is not matched. We even got one runner where the prices didn't even need to be changed on the Exchange and I even managed a trade between the Sportsbook current price and the Exchange current LAY price with no changes. Those are the sort of Trades I like.

Back To The Football 

Well tonight it's the UEFA EUROPA League final between Inter Milan and Sevilla who I hope Inter can beat. Hopefully this will go nicely with a double for Bayern to beat PSG. See some betting tips at the bottom of the page.

Inters 5-0 goal win against Shakhtar flattered them slightly as 3 goals were scored in the last 15 minutes but I had no doubt Robert Lakaku would do the job as I often pick players to score, or have a shot on target to boost the odds.

Crafting an SGA with teams that are hot favourites is hard if you want to get above evens. Bayern were 4/9 favourites to beat Lyon the other night. So for us to get a price of 4.38 and 7.20 in the first SGA bets that came in as winners involves adding corner spots, BTTS, and to bump the figures up even more, players to score or have a shot or two or more on target during the game.

With Inter's game against Shakhta, Romelu Lukaku was an anytime goalscorer and both he and Lautaro Martinez had to have 1 or 2 shots on target. Thankfully penalties count!

With Bayern Munich I tend to stick to the main men Serge Gnabry, Thomas Muller and of course Robert Lewandowski who never seems to let me down. Even if its the 73rd minute and he hasn't even had a shot on target yet he always seems to score crossing 2 spots off at once (Player to Score 1+ goals, Player to have 1+ shots on target), the same as with Romelu Lukaku against Shakhtar it was 2-0 up until the 72+ minute and he hadn't even crossed a shot on target off the SGA, but then he slots 2 goals in the net and gives us the SGA!

In the Man UTD v Sevilla match even though I was pretty certain Sevilla would qualify I still put down Marcus Rashford, Anthony Martial as well as Lucas Ocampos to have 1 or more shots on target during the game. It all goes to boost the Same Game Accumulators price from a low evens (2.00), up to 6.69, 8.30, 7.20, 4.35 etc.

Apologies for the different sizes of the screenshots but as some bet slips won't even fit on one screen I either have to minimise the whole slip to fit it in which makes it harder to see or split it into two pictures. To see the bet slips in more details just do a single click on the image and it will open up - NOT a double click as that will just return to the same page.

Football Singles

However I don't always do Same Game Accumulators and as you can see from these Win Single bets I was backing the winners either to just win, get to the final like Bayern and of course I like to do a "next two days", straight acca like the Treble I got for PSG, Inter and Bayern Munich all to reach their finals. The PSG v RP Leipzig game was a bit tacky to bet on and although Neymar didn't score PSG managed to hustle a very under-performing RP Leipzig out of the Semi Finals.


European Cup Final Free Tips

As the UEFA EUROPA League Cup Final is tonight and the European Championship Final Sunday night our trip to the matches will come to an end. We have made a lot of money on the way betting on these Euro Elite teams and for anyone wanting to bet on the football I would suggest selecting a pool of European Football Teams that are reliable in their results, that you know how the style of football they play as that will affect whether you can reliably do Over/Under corner spots. 

For a few teams who pass the ball up the pitch there is little byline action. With Goalkeepers more like Defender/Keepers now, who throw or kick the ball to a local player rather than the old days of a random goal kick into nowhere or even better the two handed boot n hope kick. The teams who use a keeper like a defender are much less likely to give away corners it seems and the usual average is 10/11 a game. 

So here are my free tips for the European finals. 
If you can get these prices still well done but have a look on oddschecker.com for the BOG prices.

Hopefully these final tips of the European campaigns come in and if they do they will settle yet another successful European Betting Campaign, despite COVID19 and all the topsy turvy decisions made due to it.

If betting tonight, good luck!

Sunday, August 16, 2020

European Football Brings In The Cash

European Shock Results - And Wins!

By The UK Horse Racing Tipster

The lack of football during the COVID19 lock-down was one of the hardest things for me to handle personally. Not just because at night I enjoy sitting on the Lazy Boy with a can watching a good game but because I make most of my money from betting on the football.

You may think that odd as I call myself the UK Horse Racing Tipster, however I started off making websites for other Horse Racing Tipster sites like www.fromthestables.com and then had my own subscriber site with an automated betting BOT working on the Betfair Exchange for a while, before it got basically destroyed by an idiot boss who decided to place their site on a French Server which doesn't allow access to online betting sites....DOH!

So I may not have my own Tipster "business", to go along with a few valid sites plus the hundred other scam sites out there. However I still post free tips for the horses and football on Facebook if you want to check them out.

It was only when I started to watch the European matches when Real Madrid were beating Atletico Madrid in the finals a few years ago that I really got into football betting. 

Also the wicked tool Betfair has to make Same Game Accumulators where you can pick spots such as Both Teams To Score, Over 0.5, 1.5, 2.5 goals in the game, over 0.5 goals for the Home Side first half, over 6.5 corners and X or Y to score has made it much more interesting for me.

Horse Racing Tips

However in no way have I stopped providing tips from both myself and other "professional tipsters" - who I am actually telling people if they pick a short priced favourite tor LAY, if you had done this topsy turvy flat season you would have had a 90-95% Strike Rate!

You check the free tips site out at facebook.com/ukhorseracingtipster you will see plenty of Horse Racing tips such as these recent tips by myself.

As you can see I do a variety of tips, from WIN Singles, Place only singles, to Place Only Accumulators like the winning treble and Seven Fold at the bottom. Plus dutched bets where I tell you which bets to dutch and as you can see their a combo forecast.

However when lock-up started to be eased the only football was German and then Spanish and I got to see a treat of matches and a new respect for their leagues.

In Germany it is as if all the sides in the Bundesliga are as good as each other on their best day, which means plenty of BTTS = YES, plenty of goals and some wonderful football. However in the Premiership I would say it was the opposite in that each team is as bad as each other on their worst day which can lead to upsets such as Watford beating Liverpool.

European Championship and EUROPA League Finals

As the remainder of the European games are being played off in single match knockouts over in Portugal we have been very lucky with some of our bets, same game accumulators in particular.

As soon as Bayern beat Chelsea at home 2 - 1 in their first leg I looked ahead in the schedule for a banker bet to place a free £20 bet on and I picked a SGA for Bayern to beat Chelsea by 2 goals, with Robert Lewandowski scoring etc. However that bet got voided when COVID19 hit. So when they restarted the matches I was very happy indeed.

Banker Game Of My Season

I believe the 2nd leg between Bayern Munich and Chelsea brought home the bacon as we got multiple same game acca's plus a straight acca and a single. 

Getting odds of 4.98 on a SGA when to just win they were 2/7 odds on favourite is no easy feat. Just getting to 2.00+ can be hard sometimes with good clubs. That's why I added in the players to score, and shoot on target to bump them up.

Sorry the last image was too large to get it all in without splitting it into two, however you can see the 4.98 (4/1) odds we got on that SGA slip.

These winning SGA's on the same night as 3 for Barcelona came in against Napoli were a once in a season windfall of green.

Of course I had Bayern Muncih down to reach the European Championship final way before they got to it. Before the Chelsea re-match I put down bets on them to win the cup and to get to the final. Plus I have no problem placing Win Singles or BTTS, Qualify, bets as well as the Same Game Accas and straight accumulators.


I just hope I can continue to craft the accas in such a way that if the favourite does lose like Barcelona, Juventus or Man City that there is always a double chance OR unspecified winner in one slip in case the other side wins.

Barcelona were busy beating Napoli at home as I watched my banker of the season come in, and we got 3 winning SGA's as well a win double for the two clubs to progress to the next round and meet each other. 

Of course we did a Win double between the clubs that night.

PSG were also playing Atlanta and that brought in some winning tips as well.

We also saw Shaktar who many have underestimated win their way into the semi finals and along with Sevilla who scraped through we got some Win doubles, both to qualify and to win in 90 mins as well as a SGA.

The game between Barcelona and Bayern Munich was a shock I think to everyone, the look on Messi's face as goal after goal went in was angry and if there isn't a massive cull soon at the club I don't know what they will do. 

8-2, I thought I was living in a dream world and only could have wished to have predicted Bayern to score 8 against Barca! 

However we got 2 SGA's and one that included all the main players, Messi, Suarez, Gnabry and Lewandowski to have a shot on target.


And then last night we saw the demise of Man City, some who thought they were bound to be finalists. Beaten in Portugal by Lyon, the side that kicked Juventus out before Man City.

And of course I like to do straight accumulators at each stage, or in this case, every few days of the week for upcoming Euro Elite games. I don't delve round in the 2nd division of countries leagues and always stick to Euro Elite games where the form should be with the best side.

One for the next 4 games is up on the facebook.com/ukhorseracingtipster page right now and by tonight I will hopefully have crafted some SGA's for Man UTD as they take on Sevilla.
Here are just a few more winning SGA's from the European games. I and my followers got in the bag.

There are so many more winning green slips from my Football Same Game Accumulators (SGAs) on the site to show you here and we have been tracking the last stages of both European Cups with winning bets.

The Semi Finals of both competitions have both been played now and once again we were ahead of the curve. Getting bets in for Bayern to reach the final, placed before the Chelsea game, and for them to win it with PSG coming 2nd.

We also got Inter to win against Shakhtar and although the 5-0 win flattered Inter it meant we now have placed some doubles and bets for the finals. You can see a couple of bet tips right below if you need them.

Go to the site now and check out the football tips for today and later on the horse racing tips.

And remember these are all free tips I am giving out to you so if you hold my coat tails and make some profit a donation, however small, for not making these tips paid subscription would be much appreciated.

You can make a little donation at my PayPal.me page, any amount from £1+ would be very much appreciated.

Let's hope for a Bayern Munich win against Lyon and then probably a Bayern v RP Leipzig European Championship final, with Bayern Munich winning!. 

My bets have already been placed, ready to go.....

By The UK Horse Racing Tipster