Tuesday, August 25, 2020

European Cup Finals

Oh The Wonders Of  Betting on European Football

By The UK Horse Racing Tipster

Well the EUROPA League Cup Final didn't go exactly like I wanted it to. Still with the betting tips placed on my facebook.com free tips site you would have made a chunk of cash still despite the Inter & Bayern double I had tipped not coming in.

As with most Same Game Accumulators I always do a side bet on the underdog, the team the bookies have put up as most likely to lose. If the SGA's I want don't come in then you can always plop a nice larger priced bet like this 6.34 Same Game Acca for Sevilla to win the EUROPA League Final.

Also I tipped an odds boost bet on Betfair where you can do these SGA's with ease for Romelu Lukaku and Lucas Ocampos to both have 2 or more shots on target at 10/1 up from 8/1. It came in and added to the Sevilla bet made it a good night despite not being the outcome I wanted.

A nice £100 return from a tenner cannot be scoffed at and as well as the Same Game Acca on Sevilla to win I came out on top despite losing the the WIN DOUBLES I had for Inter and Bayern to both win their cups

Of course we got the two earlier placed bets, tips I has put up before the Bayern Munich v Chelsea second leg, that proved to me that Bayern Munich were the best team in Europe this year.

Despite Bayern only winning 1 0 against PSG.in a not very exciting final I had tipped Bayern to reach the final, win the final and a forecast for Bayern to win and PSG to come 2nd. 

See the green below.

So the Same Game Acca's didn't pay off in the finals, mainly because they were as boring to watch as many finals of International Competitions have been over the years. However the singles came in which made up for it thankfully.

There was nothing more surprising for myself personally, after literally falling asleep during the EUROPA Final, then waking to see Sevilla win and opening Betfair to see an extra few hundred quid in the bank rather than the dent in the wallet I expected. It always pays to do a side bet on the underdog.

When I think back over the years apart from a few games I cannot actually think off the top of my head of a really exciting high goal scoring World Cup or European Cup final.

There is nothing as sad as watching a World Cup final being won by a missed penalty - cough - Italy losing to Brazil in 1994. After a boring game that ended 0-0 after extra time, the cup was won again by Brazil due to the then Italian star player, Roberto Baggio, missing his penalty, shooting it high over the bar. A pretty sad way for Brazil to win yet another World Cup.

Plenty of finals seem to be played so much more cagey and safe compared to previous games and the list of 1-0 wins across major tournament finals must be quite a few. This has been noted and logged for next season, along with the teams that seem to never get over 4 corners a match.

The qualifying matches for the European Cup have already started so these world class players won't be getting much of a rest this summer. Which is why we all love European football so much!

The UEFA Nation League cup games are starting and soon hopefully a normal season, which means unlike the professional tipsters who have done appallingly this Flat Season, that we can make some more decent money on the football from my tips.

Forget the nags for this season I have made more money from LAYING all the tips I get in from Emails and Texts claiming the races are fixed, or big money gambles are on, plus all the short priced favourites these professional tipsters pass on as "Quality Bets" to me each day. I reckon a 90-95% strike rate (honestly), would have been attained by LAYING every professional tipsters tip passed onto me this season.

Let's hope for another exciting build up to the European finals this season, and for some reason I really don't think Liverpool are going to match their winning season again, Man City will probably win it, especially if as rumored Lionel Messi joins them!

Go over to facebook.com/ukhorseracingtipster now and get some free football tips for the UEFA Nations League and always feel free to donate any winnings from "MY" tips over at Paypal.

Any amount would be very much appreciated!



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  2. Cannot believe England fxxked up on penalties, yet again, their keeper saved a few as well he should have been the hero yet 3 young kids, 2 as subs with no game time, took crap penalties and missed. If you are going to run and stop and the keeper guesses then you are screwed as you have no run left to get power behind the shot - why couldn't they practise proper penatlies like Harry Kane and that Man UTD player (name escapes me at mo) who smashed the CCTV camera in the net with his ball.... every time!