Sunday, November 7, 2021

Breeders Cup 2021 - Winners

2021 Breeders Cup - Del Mar

By The UK Horse Racing Tipster

The flat season was ended off in good style in California, at Del Mar in 2021.

I am not usually able to watch the Breeders Cup but this year was different and I am glad it was shown on TV.

For me the big story of the Cup and also the flat season is how Charlie Appleby and William Buick as the Top Trainer (2021) and his top jockey have taken over with Goldophin's horses from Ballydoyle and AP O'Brien and Ryan Moore. It seems that the Irish have had a bad year and their horses didn't do well over in the US, just as they haven't done their usual smash and grab of English Group races this year.

William Buick won three mile+ events with Space Blues, Yibir and Modern Games, the controversial winner on the Friday night of the Juvenile race due to American bookies withdrawing him from the race due to a misunderstanding when Frankie Dettori's ride, Albahr, caused havoc in the stalls, and Buick's ride had to be let out the front gate. 

The bookies thought he had broken through and disqualified him but the vet knew what had happened and allowed him to race and then win to the sound of boo's all around the stadium due to disappointed American punters who had been denied a winning bet as the 2nd placed horse was declared the winner by US Bookmakers. Luckily Charlie Appleby still got the prize money!

UK bookies however were more flexible and some paid out on both 1st and 2nd placed horses

I had a 2 hour wait with Betfair to see if they would pay me for Modern Games but they finally coughed up as they should have. Why the US bookies were so inflexible I have no idea.

Here is my green slips from The Breeders Cup, I usually back the turf races with European Horses I know that are racing, but this year I did okay with some US horses on the dirt as well.

Those were the 3 Dubawi sired runners that W Buick won on in the US, Yibir was fantastic, so were the other 2 races. Whilst the Americans seem to aim to get out the stalls as fast as possible, get to the front then stay there in a feat of stamina, Buick did the standard stalk from the back and deliver late to pip on the line kind of racing I loved since Ryan Moore won the Derby in 2010 on Workforce.

However I love the speed of the American horses on the dirt, as the gate opens, it is all about who can get out quickest and then run those 5 furlongs as quick as possible. We saw some fast racing on the dirt and I even managed to get some US Green with it.

The whole weekends events at Del Mar were amazing and it was good for ITV to go all the way over seas and even show the main two races on the Saturday night on their main channel.

So we don't always bet in Europe, we win at UK Horse Racing Tipster in the US as well!

By The UK Horse Racing Tipster

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Recent Wins

Recent Winning Bets From

By The UK Horse Racing Tipster

Just an update on the Free Tips page I run over on Facebook.

We just had two winning bets on the Tyson Fury v Wilder Fight, with type of stoppage, and no of knock downs during the fight. Both men were hero's, and it was a great fight to watch.

Oh and I won the Arc for what must be the fifth year in a row with an 80/1 German Outsider, Torquator Tasso. German horses who have won Arc trials, and run round Longchamp should be looked at carefully just like when I won on Waldgeist. I don't know who marked his price so high but looking at his form and Group wins he shouldn't have been at 80/1 for sure.

I also got a winning Longchamp treble on the day with some other races. We are not just betting in the UK and Ireland, and my International Tipster often puts ups tips for Hong Kong, France, The USA and Australia.

Of course I am still giving out football bets and tips as well plus massive accumulators, like this winning EUROPA League 25 fold accumulator.

I have just been in hospital for a month though and whilst I did try to keep the Facebook page updated with my own winning tips, I always pass on the supposed "professional tipsters" bets that I get hit with all day long. Some are just useless and I have no idea how they survive on their winnings if that is all they do for a living as I seem to be able to match and beat them on a daily basis.

There are other tips I gave out such as the winning tip for Leicester to beat Man City in the Charity Shield and whilst I was in hospital which is too far back for me to find the green now, a winning tip for Chelsea to beat Man City in the European Championship Cup Final at 7/1.

Of course I like to mix it up with Forecasts, Reverse Forecasts, DUTCHED bets and DUTCHED Reverse Forecast bets, always a good way to turn a short priced favourite into a bigger priced winning bet by placing it alongside a few other potential runner ups or winners.

Oh and my stick system is still going fine for the jumpers with lots of placed long priced runners. A recent one was this. 

So thing are going well and there is really no need to join a "professional tipster" system for £40+ a week that just scrapes Oddschecker to find a BOG horse who has a bigger price than a current Betfair or BetDAQ Exchange LAY price. 

Of course you could do that yourself if you wanted to spend all day at the computer screen if not you need notification of the prices ASAP so a bet can be placed but I prefer to just TRADE on the Betffair EXCHANGE, it's much easier.

The flat season is nearly over and it's Champions Days at Ascot Saturday. 

Then we get into the sticks, whilst not my most favourite kind of racing we always do well at festivals with our five pound place only accas, we won 2 at Goodwood recently, and of course last year at Cheltenham on my worst day I ended up with over 20 winning bets and every race winner covered in some form - just not in an accumulator unfortunately!.

So why not head over to either our business site at >

Or the Facebook page where you can like, share, and follow our daily tips >

By The UK Horse Racing Tipster

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Cheltenham 2021 - Too Many Winners

Cheltenham 2021 - Place Accas - Loads Of Winning Bets and more....

By The UK Horse Racing Tipster

Usually we do quite well at Cheltenham, I remember winning the Cheltenham yearly competition twice before

The first time I got no winnings as they said I was an employee. I wasn't happy. However then I won again and at Aintree when Many Clouds was my pick for the Grand National and it came in at 66/1 beating everyone else out of the competition by miles LOL.

This year at Cheltenham was a bit of an up and down. By that I mean on one day I got every single winner on the card, 5 on the nose, 2 to place who ended up winning, and I just wish I had them all in one single acca!

However we did manage on day 2 to win a £5 place only accumulator that returned over £240+ which wasn't bad. Nothing stopping anyone from putting more than a bluey down but I like to make as much money from as little stakes as possible and this did the trick.

Here is the posted bet slip and below the green. One non runner had to ruin a perfect 7 in a row...

We also got on day 1 the following from Day 1

For Pleasure came 3rd at 40/1.
My Sister Sarah came 5th at 40/1 using an EDGE would have got you an EW place.

And from my Sick System, we've had over £1352.36 profit since the beginning of the year at £10 stakes. It's a bit hard to work out proper winnings as we get 40/1 winners that you may have gone EW or Place Only on, so calculating the profit really comes down to which type of bet you went for. 

I usually do place only bets and that would give you a 36.36% strike rate and a £346.57 profit since December 1st at £10 stakes. Remember these are all longshots, many the last on the card, and we are going place only on them.

  • Bravantina placed at 25/1 
  • and Seaborough came 5th at 12/1 - using an EDGE would have got you an EW place.
  • Appreciate It won
  • Shishkin won (but at silly odds)
  • Honeysuckle won
  • Happygolucky placed 2nd
  • Epatante placed 3rd
  • Roksana placed 3rd
  • Houx Gris placed 4th
We got a load of winners at Cheltenham and here are a few of the winners and place only bets I posted up for followers

I like to go PLACE only, even in the top races as there will always be a faller, and upsets where "bankers" didn't bank. You can get good odds sometimes just going Place Only especially in the big runner races and it seems stupid to risk going on the nose at 3/1 in a 22 runner field when you can pick 5 runners to place with better odds and get more money in if a few do place.

Just a few of the winners and placers and doubles we had over the Cheltenham festival this year. Check the site out for more green and winners from other tipsters we show on the site.

And remember these are all free tips I am giving out to you so if you hold my coat tails and make some profit a donation, however small, for not making these tips paid subscription would be much appreciated.

You can make a little donation at my page, any amount from £1+ would be very much appreciated.

By The UK Horse Racing Tipster