Sunday, November 7, 2021

Breeders Cup 2021 - Winners

2021 Breeders Cup - Del Mar

By The UK Horse Racing Tipster

The flat season was ended off in good style in California, at Del Mar in 2021.

I am not usually able to watch the Breeders Cup but this year was different and I am glad it was shown on TV.

For me the big story of the Cup and also the flat season is how Charlie Appleby and William Buick as the Top Trainer (2021) and his top jockey have taken over with Goldophin's horses from Ballydoyle and AP O'Brien and Ryan Moore. It seems that the Irish have had a bad year and their horses didn't do well over in the US, just as they haven't done their usual smash and grab of English Group races this year.

William Buick won three mile+ events with Space Blues, Yibir and Modern Games, the controversial winner on the Friday night of the Juvenile race due to American bookies withdrawing him from the race due to a misunderstanding when Frankie Dettori's ride, Albahr, caused havoc in the stalls, and Buick's ride had to be let out the front gate. 

The bookies thought he had broken through and disqualified him but the vet knew what had happened and allowed him to race and then win to the sound of boo's all around the stadium due to disappointed American punters who had been denied a winning bet as the 2nd placed horse was declared the winner by US Bookmakers. Luckily Charlie Appleby still got the prize money!

UK bookies however were more flexible and some paid out on both 1st and 2nd placed horses

I had a 2 hour wait with Betfair to see if they would pay me for Modern Games but they finally coughed up as they should have. Why the US bookies were so inflexible I have no idea.

Here is my green slips from The Breeders Cup, I usually back the turf races with European Horses I know that are racing, but this year I did okay with some US horses on the dirt as well.

Those were the 3 Dubawi sired runners that W Buick won on in the US, Yibir was fantastic, so were the other 2 races. Whilst the Americans seem to aim to get out the stalls as fast as possible, get to the front then stay there in a feat of stamina, Buick did the standard stalk from the back and deliver late to pip on the line kind of racing I loved since Ryan Moore won the Derby in 2010 on Workforce.

However I love the speed of the American horses on the dirt, as the gate opens, it is all about who can get out quickest and then run those 5 furlongs as quick as possible. We saw some fast racing on the dirt and I even managed to get some US Green with it.

The whole weekends events at Del Mar were amazing and it was good for ITV to go all the way over seas and even show the main two races on the Saturday night on their main channel.

So we don't always bet in Europe, we win at UK Horse Racing Tipster in the US as well!

By The UK Horse Racing Tipster


  1. Seems like you did well in the States this year, I love the Breeders Cup as well. Glad ITV showed it as well.

  2. I was actually at the Breeders Cup that weekend and have to say you English did well on the turf especially Charlie and Willie Buick. Love the Breeders Cup, go as often as I can.

  3. Looks likke you had a good haul considering you didn't know much about US horse racing.

  4. How come your Twitter feed never grtd updated snymore?

    1. Well, its due to Twitter not allowing me to access my feed, as the email I signed up with no longer exists there is no way I can get the feed back and all the followers I had. Really annoying actually. I've been through every automated help option possible and they all end up with "we cannot send a link to an email that is not registered to the account" and despite me replying, "I do not have access to that email anymore - it no longer exists" etc etc, it seems no human is there to actually read the email and help. That's the thing with all these social media sites they automate everything and sometimes you just need to speak to a human to explain your problem and I can't seem to find anyone at Twitter who will actually read the emails I send them properly and help. I could set a new one up, but then I can't use my site name, or logo really. If you have any ideas of how I can get my login back let me know, the only one I have come up with is to rent an email server for a year just to re-create that email address (if it lets me), and then use that to log back into the site but there is no guarantee that will work. So sorry but it's fixed at the moment until I work out a way to get it back, Maybe now Elon is running things he will sort out the techy help side of things.

  5. You had a good Breeders Cup for someone who admits they know nothing about US racing apart from the times mean the time the horn goes, not the time the gates open on the stalls, and that on the dirt short 4f-5f races, it is all about how quick you can get out the gate, get to the front and just stay there.