Saturday, February 12, 2022

Just Another Saturday.....

Another Load Of Winners This Saturday

By The UK Horse Racing Tipster

It was just another Saturday today, and as per usual we do quite well on the weekend in the big races. 

However, I cannot say the same for all the supposed "professional" tipsters, who just can't stop giving me their tips, whether by email or text that I pass on through my Facebook page.

I usually get anywhere between 10 and 20 winning bets at the weekend and nearly all are from my own tips that I have passed on for free to my followers.

Here is the Facebook Results Post, however, I have given out some tips on the UFC tonight, and those results won't be in for another 2 hours at least.

If you cannot see anything below then that is because you are not logged into Facebook which is where the post is embedded from. So login if you have an account to view it or view the article on which has an image of this post, if you are not on Facebook or don't want o login but still see the post.

As I am building up a number of new systems for my collection, I have to name a few of the current ones in use.
  • The Wolverhampton System, we got 2 from 2 today and a WIN Double, have had a WIN at least in the last 6/7 meetings since starting it.
  • The AW system, new for 2022, systems for favourites above a certain price in certain types of races at Southwell, Chelmsford City, Kempton, and Wolverhampton
  • Southwell Place System has a current 100% WIN RATE for this year, however, that comes from 10 runs, so when the system throws up a selection it's rare but I go for it.
  • Winning Jump Trainers System, for some of the top Jump trainers when unopposed by any other trainer in my list. 
  • My Martin Johnston system.
  • My Down in Trip and Down in Grade system for particular trainers and jockeys.
  • My February System - working on a March system but using old data from 2021 will never be fair or produce repeatable stats.
  • My Stick System, based on a list of horses I have for Chasing, Hurdling or just NH Flat Racing, WIN or PLACE ONLY, it is the biggest profit maker since stating and produces high priced placed horses as well as winning favourites and sometimes winning longshots. I think the biggest winning-priced horse we had was 66/1. Yesterday we had Wishing And Hoping placed 2nd @ 22/1 SP.
  • The Paul Nichols System - Not that he is in form at the moment.
  • My Graded Horse In Handicaps system.
  • My DUTCHING system.
  • My ACCAS system, I managed 3 Doubles and a Treble yesterday.
So why not come over to and join the action, if you have your own tips that you want to share then please post them in the Visitor Posts section, not the comments, they will be deleted unless referring to the horses in the tips.

Also if you are coming to join in there is an important distinction you should know between tips I am giving out and those tips from "pros" I am passing on.

If the post is titled "Free Horse Racing Tips...", "Free Football Tips..." or "Free UFC Tips..." then they are from me, if they are from a pro, if they are text tips it will mention the word text in the title "Free Horse Racing Text Tip(s) in...." and have the actual text I received pasted in the post.

If they are from the numerous supposed "professional" tipsters who provide me with selections daily you will be able to tell from the title "Free Horse Racing Tips in...." (it's that in keyword to look out for), however, sometimes I do think to myself "How are these supposed professionals who claim to live off their bet winning actually able to afford rent and food, their tips are so dire at times", their strike rates are sometimes so poor that they start putting up 2/7 odds on NAPS that you would have to lump on to make any money at all.

These are tips I do not follow myself though, apart from maybe trading them on the Betfair Exchange, the only real way I know of making decent and consistent money from betting.

Detached and unemotional over the horses, I read the market and bet as prices rise and fall, the only problem is for followers I cannot give out BACK 2 LAY or LAY 2 BACK bets when they are being carried out in the last five minutes before a race, when the market is most volatile.

Occasionally if I spot a good opportunity for an early BACK 2 LAY bet where the runner is overpriced and guaranteed (well 99%), to fall in price, I will post it up with the current BACK price and an advised LAY price with the hope that the runners' 2nd trade bet (LAY), gets matched hopefully before the race even comes near to starting, and if not, it has a good chance of being matched inplay.

So although trading is the ideal way to bet, it is not unfortunately a method where I can pass tips on to followers of the page, due to the time I place the bets. By the time I would have written a post the prices would have changed again and any advantage lost, plus you would probably not get a chance to read them and place them before the race.

However, there are enough good tips, especially at festival times, with Cheltenham 2022 coming up, where we often do well with my daily £5 place only accas, where we manage usually to earn a few hundred quid at least once during a festival from a fiver.

Last year was a good one for the page, not only did we get a couple of £5 place accas in the bag, but on the day I usually perform worst, with all the big 20+ runner fields, I managed to bet on every winner of each race. 

A couple were in place only tips, but every runner was covered and I just wish I had put them all in an accumulator, however as you can see from this page I got over 20+ winning tips from that day at Cheltenham, WIN, PLACE, ACCAS etc.

So with Cheltenham coming up again and my record of having won the Cheltenham festival competition twice, and the Aintree comp once with a nice 66/1 bet on the last day for Many Clouds to win the Grand National, which put me clear ahead of everyone else. I have a good record at the big events as you can see from the Breeders Cup flat event, where I even won money on the US horses I knew nada about.

Therefore take a look, it may not be your scene but it cannot hurt to look at some free info each day whether you take it on board or not is up to you >>

Of course, seeing that the tips are all free, donations at, are always appreciated, whether a mere pound or a percentage of your winnings if coming from my tips.

Of course, if you win from one of my longshot bets such as my 80/1 Arc winner last year, then I think you should owe me a drink or two at the very least!

But then, the ARC is my favourite race coming so close to my birthday and I probably have my best record in that race since winning it in 2010 with Workforce, then I won with Treve twice, Golden Horn, Enable twice and Waldgeist before Torquator Tasso brought home the money at 80/1!

Got to watch those Group1 winning German horses, very underrated as you can see from the last two winners I had. Waldgeist winning the Arc, was on my Sunday birthday, October 6th, so that was a great day to bring home the bacon. 

Postponed only lost to Found in 2016 after beating her multiple times that year due to the race being moved to Chantilly where the parade ring was so small, the people could almost touch the horses.

Postponed got all excited and lost a lot of energy, AP O'Brien, the clever trainer he is, saw this and took Found out of the preliminaries and straight to the stalls where she remained calm. I will bet anyone anything, that if that race had been run at Longchamp Postponed would have beat her again and won the Arc that year, not that I am sore about that loss at all :)

In fact, I have systems for picking Grand National winners and Derby winners as well on this site, just look in the sidebar.

So I hope to see you over at my Facebook Free Horse Racing, Football and UFC tips page soon!

By The UK Horse Racing Tipster